Blaugust 2022: Throw a prompt into the hat

Blaugust 2022

I sometimes have an idea what I could rant about or so, but then forget about it again later. I thought that maybe we could help each other out during Blaugust and share prompts with each other that one may use or not, but that others can take to get inspiration and, most importantly, blog posts! Or maybe, if you’re reading this blog, you have a nice prompt that you want to share with us Blaugustans? So, if you have an idea for a writing prompt, feel free to leave it here.

Here is an idea I had that I haven’t yet found an answer to, but I thought it could be fun to write about:

What are two game genres that you would combine that usually aren’t combined? What game would you make? Which games would be an inspiration for it?

And a second one, similar to a post that I wrote because of a prompt before:

If you could – or had to – live in an MMO world for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

There is also a list of previous writing prompts if you need more inspiration for writing!


    1. I don’t think we’d need antibiotics. At least, I can’t recall having spent a single day in bed due to a cold/infection or even a headache… not even after getting my head smashed in. :,D


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