Ukraine Charity Game Bundles

Edit: The Fanatical Bundle is already sold out. Apparently, there was a limited amount of keys available only.

I got the bundle for Ukraine (this one is already over!) without knowing how many games I would enjoy playing. It was an overwhelming amount of games available in that bundle! One thing I learned from that is that itch has a launcher which makes handling the games a lot easier! In my opinion, the best game in that bundle is Lucifer Within Us. I played the demo before but hadn’t bought it yet.

Lucifer Within Us

When Humble Bundle launched theirs (“Stand with Ukraine Bundle“), I was a bit disappointed. The price is fair, but I already own the few games that interest me. This bundle is still available for one more day, by the way, in case you haven’t heard of it yet and want to take a look. The best game for me would be Endless Space 2, but I already have it, so I decided against getting the bundle.

Endless Space 2

I knew that Fanatical was working on a bundle as well, however, and I was hoping that they would have games that fit better to what I like to play! The bundle just launched today: The “Stand with Ukraine charity bundle” is yours if you pay at least 16.28 €. There aren’t “big” names in it like in the Humble Bundle one, but there’s still a few nice gems in there! So thankfully, I was right and this one is mine now.

Interrogation: You Will Be Deceived

I own and played through “Interrogation: You will be deceived” before and enjoyed this game a lot. “Pizza Connection 3” is also a lot of fun.

The games that I didn’t have yet but that sound the most interesting are Cloud Gardens, At Eve’s Wake and Mad Experiments: Escape Room. There are some more games in the bundle that I’m going to check out. You get all of the games, after all.

(Disclaimer: Of course, there are no affiliate links here. I simply want to point you toward the charity bundles in case you haven’t heard of them because there are great games in there and the proceeds are being donated!)

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