11 years of Nerdy Bookahs!

Fireworks 2nd anniversary

…and another year has passed. Nerdy Bookahs has been around for 11 years today and even though I stopped playing and writing about Guild Wars 2 in between, this game is back for me and I’m spending most of my gaming time with Guild Wars 2 at the moment, thanks for the recent expansion.

Other than that, the Steam Next game demos make up a larger part of my writing and I have found a lot of cute games thanks to them already. Most of them are indie games which I love! There’s always little gems to discover.

GW2 DS Beach Party

Fun facts:

This blog has 335 posts about Guild Wars 2, 103 posts about Rift, 101 about Lord of the Rings Online and 65 about Trove. For non-MMOs, I have 68 posts about games from indie developers. Looking at this, I guess the title of “Nerdy Bookahs” can still proudly stand. Guild Wars 2 is and remains the basis of this blog. But I will also continue writing about indie games because, as I said, I love discovering little gaming gems.

I usually write about 774 words per post. 2017 was the year with the least amount of posts (only 34), followed by 2021 with only 37 posts. In both years, my personal life took over my gaming and thus, also blogging time. The busiest year was 2012 with 119 posts. 2015 and 2020 follow with 117 and 116 posts respectively. My posts were liked the most in 2020 with an average of 5.7 likes per post. The busiest year for me was also the busiest year for you, the readers of this blog: I had an average of 11.9 comments per post in 2012! This went down to 2 comments per post on average since 2018. With the decline of comments came an increase of likes… Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Lotro Fireworks

Still, I thank you all for reading, commenting, liking and lurking and hope that you’re all going to stay for another year at least!



    1. I think the first few months may be the most difficult ones… I remember that finding the GW2 community with other fansites and similar minds helped me because I knew I had people reading my posts. It felt less lonely, so I continued writing. :)


  1. Grats! I remember seeing the name Nerdy Bookahs back before GW2 began. Amazing it’s been eleven years. GW2’s 10th Anniversary this summer, of course. I wonder what they have planned.

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    1. Yes, I started before GW2 was here… wrote about Rift at first, then went with all the pre-release GW2 hype. :D
      I’m hoping for a nice 10th anniversary gift… maybe finally a mini. :p


  2. 11-years! Amazing! :D

    I think you might well be excused for a drop in post output with the huge change in life situation, too. Although it is still beyond nice to hear from you when you’re able to. :)

    So here’s to another 11 odd years!

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    1. In total, there were only three months where I didn’t make a single post – and one was the month baby girl was born. :p But it’s always been a hobby of mine, so even when I’m stressed out, I like to write a blog post here or there because it’s fun and I do it to relax. :)

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  3. Happy blogaversary <3

    I think the name will always stand. It's always been the name, it's your origins. Even if you move on from GW2 for good some day, that will still be true.

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    1. Thank you!
      You’re right. I don’t think I’d want another blog name. And the root is Guild Wars, but it’s not too specific to that game, after all.


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