Bookahneer’s Geekwatch (February 2022): Just One Percent

Guild Wars 2 Bookahneer's GeekwatchThe “Just One Percent” Project

I love it when the blogosphere comes up with a gaming project like this! You can read about the origin of this idea in Krikket’s first post about this project and how she will go about it here. The very gist of it: Play 100 indie games within a year.

Jeromai seems to be done with it already. You can follow MagiWasTaken’s progress here and Jaedia’s here. I think this is it (for now?).

If I didn’t have baby girl, I would definitely participate, because I love indie games!

Yes, there is a ton of… questionable games out there. I have also already heard of “scammy” games. But there’s always bad apples, no matter where. At the same time, there is also lots and lots of indie games that are worth your time. Some of these have also become my favourite games… because really, who decides if a game is worth my money or not? Me, obviously.

Then we also have Belghast who asks the question what an indie game actually is. I guess there really are a lot of games in between AAA and indie.

As I said, I am lacking the time to play a lot, so I will not participate. I will happily watch and read the posts about these games, though, because it can’t hurt to find new game gems! And with Noble Fates, Lords and Villeins, … I think I am well on track to focus on indie games apart from a handful few big titles anyway (like Guild Wars 2, Crusader Kings 3).

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