Most viewed blog posts in 2021

I think it’s nice to take a look at the blog’s stats once in a while, even if I don’t care about hits much. As long as there are some people out there enjoying what I have to say or finding some of our guides etc. here useful, I am happy.

Since last year hasn’t been the most active year for this blog, it comes as no surprise that not many of the blog posts from last year belong to the most viewed ones. In fact, three out of the top five blog posts have been in the top 5 ever since I published them. Two haven’t been, though.

There is no surprise about the two most viewed posts as they have been at the top ever since we posted them: Guild Wars 2: Regions by level and How to switch between the starter areas in Guild Wars 2. I think the Guild Wars 2 wiki has such a list of regions by level as well, so it’s surprising people are ending up here on our blog sometimes. Still, it hopefully helps those who do come here. :) The second post about switching the starter zones may still be relevant. I haven’t looked at how you’re being guided with a new character / account in the game in ages. All I do remember is how much I hated the system in the original Guil Wars and how confusing, but still much easier, it was in Guild Wars 2.

The next blog post surprised me: Warhammer Online in 2021. As the title already says, it was posted in 2021. And it’s nice to know that people are interested in this game – or hoping to see a new Warhammer MMORPG at some point. Honestly, I would jump into one immediately if there was one! But for the time being, I am super happy to have this game. My obsession with taking screenshots even came in handy at one point as they had asked for former players to send some in and of course, I had some. Not nearly as many as I have from other MMOs, but still quite a few.

Mad Tower Tycoon and Project Highrise – What’s the difference? – Oh yes. I liked writing this blog post. Also because I had asked myself this question before buying Mad Tower Tycoon. They look very different but play similarly. It took a bit of convincing myself that it was okay to buy both. In the end, as the blog post says, they have some key differences which made both purchases worth it for me.

Trove: Biomes and their map colours – Another classic post. Bit it used to be in the top 3. I don’t really think that Trove lost that many prayers and that’s why it fell. I think the game itself made it easier to find the specific biomes, so there is no need to stretch for them anymore. Following closely is Necromancer or Revenant for rediscovering Guild Wars 2… I used my level 80 booster from the expansion prepurchase to boost my revenant now, by the way. We will see if that means she will get played more often. But at least, I can rush through the personal story now!

With a bit more distance, there is A look at Project Gorgon (Jan 21) – another very new post and apparently, the interest in this game isn’t too small. It also reminds me that I wanted to check in with the game more often. I have only seen the very beginning so far and apparently, there is a whole game after the tutorial island and the first zone.

What do you think?

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