Games I’m looking forward to in 2022


My current list of games that I’m looking forward to this year has three games and one expansion… Not that many, although I am quite sure I will find a lot more interesting games this year!

So let’s start with the expansion as it is an obvious one: Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons. Fortunately for all of us, it will be released in February already unless they decide to postpone it again. On the downside, it will probably be “more of the same” in the way that they will give us maps that we will explore and grind on for stuff that we want (but don’t necessarily need, thankfully). I guess they will also continue with the living world episodes releasing a new map and some instanced content that you can rush through and then grind on the map until the next part will be released. On the upside, the new region is Cantha! I already loved the maps in Elona and I know I will love the Canthan ones – as long as they’re not as confusing as Heart of Thones with its several levels. I did not watch any of the preview streams because I want to explore everything myself! I am also curious about fishing in the game and just as with the maps, I did not look at details outside of the original announcement. I will see what it is all about once we get it and I do hope that this will be enough content to get away from the usual “more of the same” formula!

As much as I like playing Jurassic World Evolution (the first game and the second one), it is all based on the films and not so much on up to date scientific basis. Prehistoric Kingdom will thus be closer to reality and they will have more types of animals to choose from (like the Woolly Mammoth). I guess that even though I really am interested, I will wait and see what others say about the game before I get it for myself. I mainly want to see how the building and the management work first. I love Planet Zoo and Jurassic World Evolution, but both games have aspects that annoy me and I would not want to repeat that with this game… or at least wait for a sale if it does. I don’t think they announced the price yet, but it was on Kickstarter where US$ 20 would have gotten you a copy of the game. So we know that the price will be more than that.

Hogwarts Legacy is mostly on my list because – well, it’s the Harry Potter franchise. One thing I do not like is that you will once again play a special snowflake (“[…]and ultimately decide the fate of the wizarding world“). I am quite frankly sick of all the games that let you play as the most special of special people as if that is the only way to tell a good story. But maybe it is the easiest way… then again, it is a game set in the Harry Potter world (a long time before Harry Potter is born, though). And I do hope it will be a good game nonetheless. Even if I am sick of these special snowflakes, it doesn’t mean it can’t be a good story, after all.

Gremlins Inc Card Game

And the last game on my list is Gremlins Inc. Card Game. I already own the printed version of this game as they were selling a few of the copies they had made at some point (I own Gremlins Inc. and they advertised it in that game’s Steam forum). I loved the card game and when I saw that they have a demo available for the PC version, I jumped in and I can’t wait to see the final result now! The Steam page says that the game will release in 2021 – which it obviously didn’t. But that lets me hope that we will get to see the game in 2022.

What do you think?

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