Bloganuary: Who inspires you and why?

GW2 New Lion's Arch

Another bloganuary prompt that fits to my blog. Most of the time, I get my inspiration from the games I’m playing, obviously, or from what developers and publishers are saying about a game.

But it’s not always from these only. I like the Daily Grind category over on Massively OP and have used it in the past to write a reply to their prompt here in my own blog rather than add a lengthy comment to their post. However, the most inspiration I have gotten is from the Blaugust Discord server. There have been writing prompts in the past for blogging months like Blaugust or sometimes it’s conversations we’re having that get me to thinking and that may, sooner or later, lead to a blog post here.

Last but not least, the inspiration to make a gaming blog for myself came from Syp‘s Warhammer blog Waaagh. I had been participating in two WoW-related Livejournal communities, but after reading his blog leading into the release of Warhammer Online, I decided to give it a go for myself and then started writing about Rift while waiting for Guild Wars 2’s release.

What do you think?

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