What is an MMO road trip you would love to take?

The original post from WordPress’ bloganuary asked for a “real world” road trip, but it makes more sense to think about the MMOs I’m playing instead.

My first thought was that with the beautiful graphics Guild Wars 2 has, this would make the perfect MMO for a road trip. But then I remembered the dragons and the huge amount of enemies everywhere. There are hardly any safe paths or roads, villages get overtaken, not even waypoints are safe! So really, there would be no way I could enjoy this road trip.

My second choice is the much better one: A road trip through the Shire. All of it! Or maybe, if you’re more adventurous than your average hobbit, a road trip that starts in the Shire and ends in Riverdell. Of course, I would stay on the main roads only. But for most of the way, there’d be a threat by wild animals only if I remember correctly…

On the other hand, maybe it’d be a better idea to just end the trip in Bree. Still a nice road trip, but probably a lot safer because it’s much shorter. Less goblins on the way, too.

Lotro Lore-Master bear pet

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