Most disappointing games in 2021

Altogether, I would say that there weren’t many disappointments this year. One huge one, though, followed by two minor ones.

My number 1 spot goes to Atlas Rogues. This game went into Early Access and I get that there is the risk that the developers run out of money before finishing the game. But this isn’t what happened.

There were players who wanted this game to be Atlas Reactor (simultaneous turns and PvP) which they told us explicitly it is not. I was part of the ones who thought that the simultaneous turns were an important feature of the game and I still think it’s what made Atlas Reactor unique. But after playing Atlas Rogues, this version also works out! Then there are other players pointing out the obligatory bugs as well as giving feedback about how to make the game better.

But gamigo’s reaction was not to listen to the feedback and keep on working to make the game a good one. Instead, they went silent from one moment to the next and then pulled the plug because it didn’t fare well enough for them (a game in development…). Bit they did not officially announce that too their customers and the game can even still be purchased! Of course, they also offered no apology or even a compensation for those who invested in their idea. Come to think of it, Atlas Rogues isn’t the disappointment. It’s gamigo and gamigo only.

The second game on my list is Jurassic World Evolution 2. But as I said, it’s a minor disappointment. There is a lot of clicking in this new version of the game: clicking to refuel buildings, clicking to status check, to refill the food to then refill the feeders, and so on… I also think the price is too high for what the game is offering. But then there are also positive aspects like new kinds of dinosaurs and the ability to pause when building. This is why it’s only a minor disappointment. A mix of the first game and this one would be perfect!

The third game on my list is Humankind. Or is exactly the kind of game that I love and despite playing several demo/beta events, it never really made me want to go one more turn. I haven’t bought it, but it’s on my wishlist. Maybe I will get it one day when it’s on a big sale. But I don’t really care either way at the moment. Judging from the Stram reviews, it seems that more people are disappointed with the game. I didn’t spend money on it, though, so it’s also just a minor disappointment.

So basically, it really is only Atlas Rogues. And that’s not even the game itself, but gamigo‘s poor handling of the development.

What do you think?

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