Paeroka’s Ponderings: When is a game too cheap?

Paeroka's Ponderings featured image for columnQuite obviously, developers need to make a living, so they do need to earn enough to pay for rent, food, health insurance and all that other nonsense that people like to forget about when they ask for a game to be free…

But more seriously, have you ever had a bad conscience when buying a game on a super big sale? I feel like that now with “Love – A Puzzle Box Filled with Stories”. It is currently on sale with 90 % off (1,67 €). I previously played the demo and – just as others reported – onions appeared out of nowhere…!

Ironically, this is also the very reason I did not buy this game before! It stirred something inside me and made me all emotional and sad. But this is exactly not the kind of emotion I want to feel when playing a game. However, I enjoyed the demo so much that I do want to support the developer! So if I never play the game, I feel that the 1,67 € was just enough for me and what the game’s worth for me. Then again, I don’t think this low price is enough for this little gem. It is rare these days to find games that have something so special about them.

And quite obviously, the developer needs to make a living somehow. 90 % off seems a bit too much! Also, there are 14 reviews so far and all are positive. So we’re not talking about a trashy little game that onlx very few people end up enjoying. And for that, I feel like it is too cheap! But, as I said, I don’t know if I really want to play the game. So the full price would have been a bit too much for me to pay (I’m not rich, after all, and there are so many games that I do want to play!). Maybe I should have waited for a 50 % off sale instead…

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I regularly have rants and ramblings in my mind, but never really know if I should post them, so “Paeroka’s Ponderings” is where I will try to give these rants a place. Sometimes they will make sense, sometimes they won’t.


  1. I still haven’t played this one, but I did pick it up on a 50% off sale – that felt like the “right” price point for me as I expect the game to be fairly short.

    That said, if I hadn’t already bought it, I wouldn’t have been able to pass up that price, and might have even gifted a copy or two since it was so inexpensive.

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    1. I started it but couldn’t get the sound to work – not the game’s fault. It’s something about my computer setup that messes it up. I remember that the music was very important for the emotional impact of the demo, so my heart wasn’t in it… I will try again later. But hopefully, there are some less sad stories as well!

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  2. With only 14 reviews, it seems this title hadn’t gained much in the way of a following or attention and so this sale price might be an effort to create a little buzz — get people who might’ve been on the fence at a higher price to make the plunge and hopefully then rave about it.

    Without your post, I never would’ve known this game existed — so to an extent, mission successful! :D

    Having said that, to the question at the heart of your post, yes — even with this assumption of why they might choose to go for such a sale in place, there have been times when I’ve thought, ‘Wow- this is way to cheap for what it is.’

    Often this is when it has been in the older style humble bundles when a few bucks could get quite a big bundle of stuff, and you could see the ‘average price’ sitting at just a few dollars. Sometimes I wonder about the Xbox Gamepass service too — as I have no idea how third-party developers that choose to allow their games to go onto the platform are compensated!

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    1. One can only hope that at the end of the day, they can make a living. The little indie developers at least. The big companies probably don’t have such issues. I also left a positive review for this game. I didn’t add much text because for some reason, I never do when/if I review a game on Steam. Maybe because I’m saving my words for my blog posts… :p But I wanted to leave something positive there because I do think the game probably got overlooked.

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