GW2 End of Dragons: Mechanist Love

I am so out of the loop with the upcoming new elite specialisations in Guild Wars 2. When it comes to these specializations, I want to know whether it’s worth to go after the points necessary to unlock them or not. Otherwise, I would just wait and discover everything myself as I like doing with expansions. I have been playing my warrior almost exclusively lately, so this is the one I should familiarize myself with at least. But there is also my mesmer which I’ve neglected lately in favour of the warrior and then I always try to get into playing my engineer again or levelling my new revenant or necromancer.

As my gaming time is still limited, I usually spend that time actually gaming, not so much reading about games. So, when the last beta event started, I at least took a look at the new specializations… or, well the engineer one: The Mechanist!

The last time I played my engineer for a bit longer was when Lion’s Arch was burning (2014), I think. I do remember running around with my engineer there. And also, the first time Queen’s Gauntlet came into the game (2013)!

I am not the biggest fan of pet classes and yet, I always end up having one in the MMOs I play. So seeing that the Mechanist gets a construct made me very eager to try it out. And while I did not play much with the engineer, it was enough to get really excited about this profession. My poor Griphos will hopefully get to roam around Tyria again!

(IntPiPoMo Picture Count: 13)

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