IntPiPoMo 2021!

I almost missed this, but thankfully, I saw GamingSF’s post about it: IntPiPoMo 2021 is starting tomorrow (November 1). Even with my limited amount of free time, I can definitely participate in that because I have so many screenshots to share anyway.

If you’re wondering what it is, head over to Chestnut’s blog to read all about it any maybe even sign up if you like to participate yourself. The very short version of it: By the end of November, you should have posted 50 images (screenshots, photographs, drawings, whatever you want). Since there is no daily requirement to post, you can sign up until November 29 (to do so, follow the link to Chestnut’s blog post above).

I previously participated in 2018 and 2019 (I’m not sure there was one in 2020, but I definitely did not participate if there was).

Paeroka Warrior WildstarThe above image was the last image I posted during IntPiPoMo 2018 – “Goodbye Wildstar“. Has it really been this long already?


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