New World and Housing

One of the main reasons that I decided to buy New World, after all, was its Housing feature. It’s no Rift or Wildstar housing (or – insert any other MMO housing that is superior to others), but it is housing! And not in the sense that Lord of the Rings Online has housing because their version is still a joke, even after making changes for the better. I know that Elder Scrolls Online has housing, but I never really got into that. So what I’m trying to say here is that I hope housing in New World will be good, but I am not expecting it to be perfect or on par with the better housing versions that some MMOs have.

I am still at the very beginning and have about 500 coins in my pocket. That’s still a far way to go… One can have up to three houses in the end, per character. Since you’re limited to two characters per account (I assume there will be more character slots to buy at some point? Otherwise, that’s certainly wasted potential to get more money!), that’s a maximum of six houses. There is also a fee attached that you have to pay regularly for each house. But if you don’t pay, you’re not losing the house itself. You just lose the perks that come with it and you can’t customize its look anymore.

House in First Light

There is one thing I remember that I liked in Black Desert Online, even though I didn’t like the rest of the game too much: When you entered your house, you could see other players passing your window. You are in an instanced version and only you (and maybe your party members) can see the inside of your house. But what’s going on outside in the non-instanced part of the town, you can see from inside. This makes it much more lively than housing in Rift or Wildstar where you were all alone with no connection to the rest of the world other than a loading screen.

I have only started with one character. Bookahnerk and I thought we were smart in that he would block my name in the game and if I did decide to buy the game, he would just delete the character… we did not know that after character deletion, it takes 90 days for the name to become available again.

My current main, Tenedra, is still in one of the starting areas, First Light. I have seen a couple of houses there, but haven’t seen any of the others. And I like to browse around before deciding on a house. Thankfully, Bhagpuss has done exactly that and rated the zones by his own preference. Monarch’s Bluff, First Light and Restless Shores are my current favourites judging from the description and the screenshots in his post. Although I’m not sure how bored I’m going to be with First Light once I’m finished levelling in that area… I do know, though, that this one spacious house with two balconies is a bit too breezy for my taste!

Empty house with 2 balconies in First Light


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