Steam Next Festival (Oct 2021): Gremlins Inc. – Card Game

Limited play time means that I need to be much pickier about which games I’m going to give a try during this week’s Steam Next Festival. It started on October 1 and ends on October 7, so I already missed a couple of days. However, when I saw the Gremlins Inc. – Card Game, I knew I had to give that one a try! It’s from the developers of Gremlins Inc. – a digital board game which I own and really enjoy playing (single player only for me, but it does have multiplayer!).

We actually already own the card game, but as a physical version! They had a few games left (it was a very limited version, I think), so we bought a copy off them. It’s a lot of fun to play, but having it as a digital version is also great because now I can play it against AI whenever I want to play it. I think a few things are different from the physical version, but it’s so long ago that I last played the card game that I’m not sure.

Gremlins Inc. – Card Game is, as the title says, a card game. You can choose different goals, but in the end, it’s always about gaining prestige. Be it a certain amount of it or the most after x turns. Prestige is gained by finishing projects. You can sabotage the other player(s) as well, take away cards from them or even reduce their prestige. There are essentially only two types of cards: Cards that can be used to start a project which gives you prestige and action cards. All cards can be used as resources (three kinds: money, production and malignancy). E. g., you can put any card towards finishing a project (let’s say it costs two money resources to finish it, then you need to attach two money resource cards) or – if it’s an action card, pay the amount of resources it needs (from the cards you already placed as resources on your projects) to play the action. The projects also often come with actions which get activated when you hand in the project to gain its prestige. You can also place any card you want as a fake project (they’re placed face down, so your opponents have no idea if it’s a real project or not and what happens if you finish it).

Early Access for this game will start soon, and as always: Be careful here, because you never know if the game will get finished. However, they already successfully developed and published Gremlins Inc., so they’re not newcomers. And the game seems to be far along because I could play the single player version against one computer opponent and I did not encounter any bugs or crashes. But if this sounds or looks interesting to you, then make sure to check out the demo while it’s available!


  1. Certainly looks interesting! I own Gremlins Inc. but I have yet to play it. And yeah, I get what you mean by having to be pickier with the games you try out. I can recommend checking out Inscryption btw! It’s a Deckbuilding-Roguelike game but it also has creepy elements to it that reminded me of escape rooms and stuff. It’s by the guy behind “The Hex” and “Pony Island” :)

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