Steam Next Fest Favourites – Deepest Chamber and Revival: Recolonization

As I said in my previous post, Blacksmith Legends barely didn’t make it onto this list with my favourites. I would have liked to play it more and enjoyed it, but my two favourite games were games that I would have liked to play more and while playing them, I didn’t even notice how much time had passed!

The first is Deepest Chamber. In essence, it’s a card game with deck-building. The developer also add that it’s got “roguelike elements” which is usually something I don’t like much at all. But looking at all the other demos I had downloaded, I wanted to give a card game a try as well. Just to have something different in my little portfolio of demos. The game is very easy to get into. A play session doesn’t take too long either (probably because I’m not too good yet!). And when I think about card games, then well, I play a round and at some point, the game is over. Only that in this case, it means I have lost. But the road to losing was fun and I did improve during my gameplays! I also like the graphics, although these aren’t that important when it’s a card game. There is apparently a “dark and gritty” story as well, but I didn’t get far at all, so I couldn’t tell. The game will enter Early Access on July 22. There is no mentioning of the price yet, but it’s on my wishlist and I am pretty certain I want to buy this one (depending on the price, as usual).

The second game is Revival: Recolonization. I almost missed that one. Then I specifically looked for science fiction games and the “Recolonization” part of the title stood out for me. The first screenshot for the game showed zombies which is something I find completely overdone by now (and I have just never been a fan of zombies to begin with). However, it listed “4X” and “turn-based”, so I figured I’d give it a try anyway. It is not like Civilization, but more like Age of Wonders: Planetfall, I would say. I didn’t understand how everything works. For example, when a tile’s tooltip said that I could build a farm on there, but my worker wasn’t able to. But this is probably what you get with a demo and a game that’s not fully developed yet. What I found interesting was that you have a favoured climate and when your units move through a different climate, they lose hitpoints. Now, when playing the demo, this could actually kill your units. In the meantime, they have adjusted it. The units are no longer killed, but they stay at 1 hitpoint instead. This can be helped by terraforming, though. It’s expensive, so you can’t just do it wherever and whenever you like, but at least, for your settlements this is possible. Speaking of settlements: You do not choose a culture here. In the beginning, I got to choose one emissary and with that one, I can assimilate a free tribe on the map. Later on, I can choose to have tribes as vassals or assimilate them if I can afford the resources. Battles take place on a special map, still turn- and tile-based, though.

In hindsight, there is still a lot I did not understand about the mechanics in detail in both games. This happens when you “only” get a demo (of a game that is still heavily in development) and in my case, when you play a lot of demos. But these two still stood out the most. Since Deepest Chamber goes into Early Access in less than a month, I think I’ll get to see more soon and can make a much better judgment then. Also, I assume there will be lots of people reviewing the game on Steam then. The latter promises to release in 2021. I am not that sure about that, but we will see.

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