Games I’ve been playing in March ’21

I know of several other bloggers who write about the games they’ve been playing – most recently I read Rakuno’s post. Since I haven’t spent that much time in any of my MMOs to properly write about anything, I decided to do this instead.

You can sort your games by when you last launched them in the Steam library which makes it easy to remember. Additionally, I bought Dorfromantik on GoG. I already played the prototype that was part of the bundle for racial justice. After that, I played the demo of the game whenever it was available during the Steam Game Festivals. And even with all of that, I am still not bored with the game. It’s the perfect one to play when I just want to play something but don’t want to concentrate too much. You can, of course, fully concentrate on the game and reach a much better highscore this way, I guess. But for me, it’s more fun to casually play it.

I jumped back into Jurassic World Evolution until I reached a quest that will unlock a new dinosaur for me. However, for that I will have to put carnivores and herbivores into the same exhibit and make sure they’re staying alive long enough. I greatly dislike such quests! Yes, I know… nature and all of that. This is what happens out there – or happened with some of the dinosaur types if they lived at the same time and in the same region. But I would prefer not having to do that in my games unless I want to. This is probably when I should jump back into Planet Zoo for a while…

One of my last purchases was Rogue State Revolution. I tried out the demo again before I bought it and was confident that I would like the game. It’s a turn-based strategy game. So, it doesn’t mind not being looked at for an hour while I’m cooking dinner or doing something else. But the interface is a bit… lacking. I still don’t know why I wasn’t exporting oil when the interface parts that I did find indicated that I produced more than I needed and the contract says that “up to” a certain amount of oil would be exported. Funny thing is that when the contract had ended, the neighbour country thanked me for the exports because apparently, at some point, I did finally export oil – but only after producing more! Other parts of the interface are okay, it is mostly the production chains and how much resources or products I have that’s so confusing coupled with exporting and importing. It certainly wasn’t wasted money. Phew…

And then there is Tell me Why which has been on my wishlist for a while and then completely forgotten about until it came into sale again. So far, I really like the atmosphere and it feels like a good typical “Life is Strange” game. And the title of the “original” game would probably fit here, too. I haven’t played too much into the story yet, so I don’t know where it is going to end or what exactly it will be about, but I like the two main characters and have enjoyed figuring out their story so far! I always only play the game for a short time after work, because we usually watch something together in the evenings (like a movie, TV series, streamers on Twitch, …) – sometimes while playing, sometimes without playing any games, and this is a kind of game that you can’t focus on when you’re watching something else at the same time.

Legend of Keepers is still in Early Access and I tend to forget about this game… but it does get updated regularly and once in a while, I check it out to see what’s changed. It’s still a lot of fun to play and I like seeing how it has been changing over time. So far, only for the better if you ask me. For me, it’s another casual game that I can play in the evening when I want to sit back and relax and it also fits perfectly to play a bit while watching something – am I the only one who can hardly ever only focus on a movie or a series without doing anything else? Having some game to play in the background is perfect, because otherwise, my brain will get bored.

Then there is Crusader Kings III which has recently received its first small DLC. I started playing a Norse character for the first time but haven’t gotten that far in the game yet. I am always confused by the different terms used for different cultures. It makes sense, because not every culture had a “Jarl”, but since I know hardly any of these, I find it difficult to get used to which one is higher up than which etc. But still, it’s fun to play and I like that I can put it on such a low speed that I don’t need to react fast. My hand likes it, as does my brain. Relaxing and all that! It does take forever to get anything done, though.

And when it comes to MMOs: WoW Classic to get my mage higher in levels, a tiny look at the BC Classic beta, a bit of Lotro and I did log in to Guild Wars 2, but didn’t play much. I know that when WoW Classic launched, I could not play my little frost mage because my hand pain was too bad. It has apparently gotten to the point where I can play her again, so I am now trying to level one up as fast as I can (emphasis on “I”, because even though my hand has gotten better, it is still far from being well and healthy, so I need to always pay attention to how much I play and I need to take regular breaks from gaming altogether). Still, when it comes to WoW, there is nothing but the frost mage for me. All other classes are… okay, some are also fun to play, but nothing even comes close to that class for me. So, as is probably no surprised, I made a draenei mage in the BC Classic beta to check out their starting area. I won’t be playing much, though, because my gaming time is limited (work, hand issues, other things to do as usual…). In Lotro, after boosting my Beorning, I am thinking of starting in a previous, lower level expansion, with her, to experience all the content that I missed. My warden only got up to level 74. The Beorning is level 95 now, so she basically skipped content I have never seen before. That’s what I want to get back to. But first, I need to actually unlock the stable masters on the way and figure out where to start. Also, mounted combat? Did I do that with my warden? I don’t remember at all…


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