GoG “Soon to Bloom” and Coffee Noir

Steam’s Game Festival with game demos seems to be a successful concept, seeing how GoG has started their own one now, the “Soon to Bloom” Spring Sale (going until April 5). Unlike Steam’s recent Game Festivals, the amount of game demos is easy to grasp: 25 game demos are offered. I have played through a lot of the ones that interest me already before as they were also available during the Steam Game Festivals, but there were still a couple games I hadn’t noticed before. Some of these games have also already been released, so if you don’t like testing games you can’t get your hands on yet, there may be something interesting for you as well there!

I decided to give “Coffee Noir – Business Detective Game” a try. Yes, I admit it’s the name of the game that caught my attention. But at a second glance, the game’s description seemed even more intriguing: The title labels it as a detective game, but the developer says it’s an economic business simulation. So what now?

The introduction explains it a bit better then. You are a private investigator going “undercover” by running a café in order to investigate your case. Makes sense, right? I like both game genres, so this seems like the perfect mix for me! Unfortunately, I find it rather complex and not easy to get into the game. The business simulation requires a lot of things to consider and it is very realistic which is good, of course. But not so good if you want to get into the story. For the time being, I am trying to understand the different windows and settings for my coffee empire when I would rather start investigating my case. Fortunately, the game then starts easy and you don’t need half of the settings in the production window, for example.

So altogether, it’s an interesting take and I will take a closer look at the game!

What do you think?

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