BlizzConline: Diablo II Resurrected – Gimme!

My story with Diablo II is pretty short: I got the game as a present from bookahnerk after I’d said that I am interested in “roleplaying games” on the PC, but not an online game. That was back in 2005. I never got much further than the graveyard (Sisters’ Burial Grounds, apparently). My main problem was that I first kept restarting with a new character until I had finally settled on the paladin. And then bookahnerk did introduce me to World of Warcraft, after all, and I forgot about Diablo II.

I did try to get into Diablo 2 again in the past, but it just felt too… old? I went “back” to Diablo 3 or Grim Dawn or other modern Action RPGs instead. So, hearing about the possibility of a remake of Diablo 2 was exciting and seeing everything during BlizzConline now makes me very much want to get my hands on it right now!

It looks really good so far and they seem to be staying close to the original look without it being that pixel-y anymore, of course. Some changes were mentioned, but nothing that will fundamentally change how you play the game. Apparently, you will be able to play with others even if you’re in different regions (US and EU). I also like the shared stash! This wasn’t in the original version, but it’s a very nice and convenient addition and something I’ve gotten used to by now with other ARPGs.

The big question is now when the game will be released and how much money they will want for it! I know I will definitely get the game, though. And since there’s probably a lot of time left until the game releases, I should also spend that time deciding for one class to play, so I won’t restart over and over again to then only see a very tiny part of the game… repeatedly.


  1. The Burning Crusade Classic was the top of my wish list for BlizzConline, but this quickly became a very close second. I am on very much on board with this after seeing what they presented.

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    1. I assumed that I already knew everything there was to know about BC Classic beforehand. Well, apart from a few details (like the possibility to buy a copy or a level boost). I will definitely be playing in BC Classic, though! :)


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