Things I’ve never done in Guild Wars 2

I admit that I never liked playing norn. I do like them in general and I like their culture, but they are just so… huge and slow with their running animations. But I wanted to level a necromancer in the old, classic way (that is, without Tomes of Knowledge, without boosting any levels at all) and I’ve seen the other races’ personal stories already (especially Asura and Charr which are my favourites!).

It only took me about 7 1/2 years to get my first norn through her level 20 personal story and get that missing achievement!

Other than that, I know I haven’t seen all dungeons. I am just a fan of the classic dungeon setup with a healer, a tank and damage dealers and preferrably, me being a healer. Add some crowd control as I know it from the older versions of World of Warcraft (I played a mage there for a long time, so my duty was to sheep or turtle an additional mob!). As much as I loved playing my mesmer and my warrior, doing dungeons always seemed too… chaotic. I’ve heard of people doing these dungeons solo nowadays, but I am not sure that’s something for me. Especially with my hand issue. I can’t do chaotic things that require fast reflexes and quick moving – other than dodging as that is on the Y key on my keyboard!

One other thing I have always been against was grinding for a legendary weapon. Much too expensive and I also never had a precursor drop for me. But since I’ve been looking at things I’ve never done in Guild Wars 2 – there are many, but also a lot that I am not interested in! – I figured that maybe it’s about time! Since I am mainly playing my warrior and it turns out that this profession is just the most fun for me, I want a weapon for her. I mentioned my hand issues, I can’t not mention them when it comes to choosing a playstyle… so, it has to be a ranged weapon. Apparently, you can play a rifle warrior at the moment? Or could, last year. I don’t trust ArenaNet when it comes to the rifle and the warrior. I love that weapon, I really do, but there’ve been so many times where the general consensus was to use the longbow over the rifle and at some point, I caved and gave the longbow a try. I really like that weapon, too! So, I’ll try to get the longbow. But not Kudzu. That’s not my warrior’s style! I am trying to craft the Pharus instead. I still need to level the mastery track for that, but it gives me something fun to do with my warrior in the meantime – I love the old classic maps so much more than all the new ones!

GW2 Warrior Ascended Armor


  1. “Huge and slow with their running animations” — I think maybe this is why I like Norn (in the very little I’ve played of the game) I basically am one!


    1. Hehe! Well, I’m not tall, but not tiny either. I still do prefer the tiny characters in MMOs – gnomes, asura, dwarves… I am impatient, though, and like to get things done quickly. So that’d fit to their walking style. ;)


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