Steam Game Festival: Feb 3 to Feb 9

It is time for yet another Steam Game Festival – running from February 3 (so yes, it is already live!) to February 9. Participating (indie) developers are letting you play a demo of their upcoming game!

I looked at the genres that I like (skipping horror, for example) and ended up with 17 games that I want to take a look at. Or, more accurately, 16 games plus Dorfromantik. I already own the prototype on and played the demo there and assume that there isn’t much difference to the one on Steam now. When looking through the lists of games, I also couldn’t find any that were featured in the previous festivals even though they haven’t released in the meantime (like “To the Rescue” or “Going Medieval”).

Once I’m done, I will be reporting and sharing my impressions about these games, or some of these games, at least. I will not write about the ones that I ended up disliking too much because I don’t want to give negative advertisement for games in development – unless I think it’s a game you should stay far away from! In that case, I’d give you my subjective warning.

Here is the list, in no particular order. I am glad there’s a weekend coming with not much to do for me and since I’ve regained some of my energy lately, I can also spend some time playing games again!

Even though I probably chose more games than I can realistically look at, I still get the feeling that I overlooked something really good…


  1. I clicked on the first three on your list and all of them look like things I’d be interested in so I’m off to Steam to take a look at the whole collection. Thanks for the pointer!

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    1. I have only downloaded the demos so far. I did try Potion Craft yesterday. Right now, it’s Festival Tycoon. I’m a bit tired and figured a tycoon game is a game that doesn’t need that much attention from me. :p But glad you found something and hopefully, it won’t be a waste of time. :)


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