My MMOs in 2020

No new MMO has made it on my list this year. I did give New World a try, but ultimately ended up not liking it. It’s okay and I am still curious to see whether Amazon can release a solid MMO and continue supporting it, but it’s just not for me.

In general, I played a lot less of any of my MMOs than I did in the years before – well, except World of Warcraft, seeing how I haven’t played that in years! I have more or less left WoW Classic by now. I knew it wouldn’t be for me other than initial nostalgia, but I also forgot how long instance runs take and with my chronically injured hand, I simply cannot play much. I do not join a group only to leave them again after half an hour. So, I’ve been playing solo mostly, but that is actually quite boring and tedious. Once Burning Crusade Classic comes out, I will give it another try, because I want to get that nostalgia kick again and I really like Burning Crusade when it came out!

Instead, I’ve been trying to settle into retail WoW again. I even bought the Shadowlands expansion, but stopped playing computer games due to other health reason in the past few weeks. I’m feeling better again now and can play games again, so I may take a look at WoW again. Or I’ll just spend some time with pet battles. I actually quite enjoy them, even though I keep getting my pets killed…

Elder Scrolls Online has been neglected by me lately. There is so much about this game that I love and just enough for me to dislike to not make me play it regularly. I let my subscription end now, which is okay, since you can still continue playing ESO free. But the lack of the crafting bag will make it rather difficult for me. I am mainly doing crafting dailies, so my inventory will be quite full with the rewards from that! What makes me stay away from the game more often than not is basically the action combat. I know it’s what’s modern in MMOs now and it’s actually a lot better for my hand, but I also find it harder to play. Having the camera movement connected to my hand and the faster combat than, for example, WoW Classic or LotRO, makes it a lot less relaxing. But relaxing is what I want in the evening. The other thing I dislike is that the classes feel too similar to each other. That is, if I play a magicka build, then I will use staves and these come with certain abilities. Of course, each class also has their own class abilities, but the overlap seems quite big sometimes. For the simple reason of not wanting a staff anymore, I tried to stay away from magicka classes and tried to find an alternative with a stamina build. So, it’s a minor complaint here, but it just doesn’t make me warm up to the different classes as I do in other MMOs. Still, I am not going to stop playing the game completely.

Lord of the Rings Online has had quite a rocky year with server outages and this weird “mini expansion” which was more a content update. I am very slowly working on my Beorning on the unfortunately abandoned legendary server Anor (97 non-anonymous players compared to 372 on EU-Evernight). I was not aware that we would not be able to transfer characters from Anor to EU servers once the legendary servers were “finished”. Only transfers to US servers, apparently. But there is no word about this yet, so I’m stuck on Anor for the time being. As much as I like LotRO, I do not feel like levelling yet another character through the classic regions. So, I will stick to my Beorning on Anor and not start another character on my EU server, Evernight. Or maybe spend some Lotro Points on a character boost (I have a lifetime subscription). Fortunately for me, the upgrades are currently on sale until December 31!

Last, but definitely not least, is Guild Wars 2. I have returned to this game and really enjoy playing it again – as long as I ignore the mastery paths, hunting for hero points etc. I simply do not like having to do that in MMOs. I get that it’s important to keep people occupied and give them goals to reach. But I am more the person that enjoys wandering through regions, exploring them without being hunted by a zillion enemy NPCs without even wandering off the main road. The combat is fine, I just prefer the older maps which don’t seem to be that densely populated with enemies! So, I started playing two new characters that I’m slowly levelling through the “old world”. It reminds me what I used to love about the game.

Edited to add: I actually forgot Warhammer – Return of Reckoning here. I guess when I think of MMOs, I only think about the official ones and not this private server. But it is there and playing WAR is actually really fun! I also enjoy healing and the scenarios usually open quickly and don’t take forever, so I can easily play a healer or even a ranged class in scenarios. And in Tier 1, there is usually some RvR action going on. I just haven’t gotten comfortable playing the higher tiers yet. I may stick to scenarios for a while.

I guess out of these MMOs, WoW may stick with me, I will always return to Guild Wars 2 at some point and LotRO is always there when I want something really quiet and relaxing to play. There’s no new MMO for me on the horizon, so maybe WoW BC Classic will be my “new” MMO next year if/when it releases.

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