Involuntary gaming break

Project Highrise focus on restaurants

I’ve been feeling rather unwell lately and it comes with me being unable to play games most of the time. So much fun! Thankfully, it’s the holiday season and I get to spend my evenings at home with Netflix and Amazon Prime. But one can only stomach so many cheesy Christmas romantic movies. No really, if they were any good, it’d be kind of nice for me. But they’re not. I am still watching the Christmas movies of my childhood instead. Oh, and Star Trek Discovery. I may even re-watch The Next Generation if my issues persist.

The games I can play are usually ones that are turn-based where I can take breaks or don’t need to pay much attention like city-building games. I also bought Suzerain lately which is… a kind of visual novel that feels like a political simulation game. But since there aren’t that many things to do other than pick a choice here or there and choose how to answer in conversations, I think it’s much closer to a visual novel. A fun one, even! I get to play president and make choices. There is a lot to read, though. With certain decisions, several newspapers may release an article about what happened. Of course, the newspapers are all differently aligned politically. And I can’t count how many people have tried to bribe me already. So far, I’ve been able to reject all offers. I want to try and be an honest president. We’ll see how long it takes for me to get assassinated…