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A German streamer has a little series where he watches game intros with the viewers and they rate them together. While watching, I was wondering which game intros I personally love. The point here is that we’re not talking about the games behind the trailers. Just the trailers themselves. Some are really good, others are lackluster – and some only seem to be so good because you’re excited about the game! I think Guild Wars 2 could be such a case. Not a bad intro, but it seems a little bit boring now.

The trailer that came to my mind immediately was Wildstar. Or so I thought, because it is not this one – but this is the original trailer. Or was it this one called the launch trailer? This is confusing and I know I have seen both, but when I thought about Wildstar’s trailer, I was actually thinking about their free-to-play trailer:

However, bookahnerk reminded me of one that was even better: Warhammer Online!

I love the back and forth between the two factions in this trailer. And that so many of the game’s classes can be seen. Of course, this is far from what the game looked like, but that’s not what’s being judged here. It’s purely about liking a trailer for itself.

I am certain there are a lot of other game intros that I really loved when I saw them, but I can’t think of any others right now… Especially from games that aren’t MMOs.


  1. That sounds like a fun series. Which streamer is it?

    For myself, I rather like the current Warframe intro, though WF isn’t really an MMO either….


    1. It’s Bonjwa on Twitch.
      And well, I was trying to think of trailers for non-MMOs, but couldn’t think of any that I really liked. I didn’t know the Warframe trailer, but I liked it!

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