Replaying vanilla Guild Wars 2

I previously tried to get into the necromancer, the thief and the ranger again. For some reason, when I don’t play a class for some time, I forget about the class’s skills. The only two where this isn’t the case are the mesmer and the warrior – but only for the weapons I’ve been using most often. Compare that to WoW where even after years, returning to WoW Classic, I immediately know all the classes’ skills immediately. Well, the ones that were used more often. I did remember to only use Curse of Recklessness rank 1 with my warlock, for example. But I digress…

Guild Wars 2 has no vanilla server, unfortunately. I would love to play that one again, even with the whole of Season 1. But I know we won’t get that. Still, I decided to make a brand new necromancer and not immediately use the level boost for max level. I know I am wasting XP here, but it’s still better for me. If I play with a max level character, I earn XP for the mastery tracks instead. But it also means that everything is unlocked and I’m faced with all the possibilities at once. Having a real low level 9 character means I have only 6 skills and the necromancer’s shroud skills available. That is much easier to learn this class! Also, it is nice to go through the old world with a level-appropriate character again. She still has her mount which I haven’t used often yet and she can glide off mountains which I’m sure I will use regularly because it’s fun!

I will at least level and play her until I have unlocked the last personal story-related achievements. I have never been a fan of the norn, so that’s what I’m still lacking. So far, it’s rather lonely, but still fun to play through the old content. Not that many other players are around. There’s still this nostalgic vibe, though!