Atlas Reactor Revival… of sorts?

Atlas Reactor PvP with Lockwood

I just saw the news on Massively and squealed when I read the article:

“The so-called Alliance project uses the same gameplay of Atlas Reactor but in a narrative-focused four-player co-op title (…)”

I loved Atlas Reactor, but I only set foot into the PvP part of the game (which actually was… the game!) for two matches or something like that? I do not like PvP games like this. But the turn-based combat was great and I loved the different classes. When they announced that the game would shut down, I was so sad about it. Still, the game itself meant that you and three other players played against four other players. I am not a competitive person. Not in that sense, at least. I like to be the best that I can against myself or against certain criteria (okay, I admit, I am a nerd and I love academic challenges…). But playing with others against others? I expect to be a great player and know my class inside-out before I even set foot into such PvP matches, because I really don’t want to be a nuisance for others. On top of that, I do not like having to defend myself for making mistakes or having others insult me or other players etc. So in general, I just avoid anything too competitive.

In fact, I played Atlas Reactor with NPCs on my side against NPCs. It obviously wasn’t as challenging as the PvP matches were, but I still had fun.

AtlasReactor Gremolitions Inc

Now, these news (I am not going to repeat what Massively wrote – that’s why I linked to their post!) sounds amazing. Story-driven is always good, because it seemed that there was actually a good story behind everything. Co-op I don’t mind at all. What I am wondering about is: Will it scale? Will I be able to play solo with NPCs against NPCs again? Because then I’d buy the game as soon as I can! Or will we at least be able to play 2 – 4 players against the computer? Because finding three others that you want to play with and that you like playing with whoh have time when you’ve got time to play isn’t always that easy.

And it seems that Atlas Reactor actually was one of the games that gamigo really wanted from Trion. Up until today, I assumed it was one they basically got on top of everything else, but that they didn’t care about the game at all. I thought that they were really oblivious to what a special kind of game Atlas Reactor was. Mea culpa, I guess.

So, for now I will stay excited and hope to hear more very soon!