Trove: Get the Marooned Hammerhead Ally

It’s gamigo’s 20th anniversary and at least for Trove, they’ve currently got a code that will get you a nice ally, the Marooned Hammerhead. The ally itself gives you 2 extra jumps.

The code you need to apply is: TROVE20GAMIGOK211YV.

I’m not sure it has an expiration date, so if you want it, better apply it to your account as soon as you can.

I couldn’t find anything for Rift, so I assume there won’t be any code for that game. It’s not surprising as Trove has seen active development since gamigo bought the game from Trion, but Rift hasn’t.

Still, 20 years is impressive and while I really don’t like the majority of their games and don’t want to participate in their events (buy stuff from them in order to unlock rewards – and some other contests), I am glad that Trove seemingly isn’t in maintenance mode because even though I don’t play it often anymore, I still really like it!