1. Back when GW2 was ramping up for release and ANet were hyping the Hall of Monuments tie-in, I wanted to log into my old Guild Wars account that I hadn’t played for years. I couldn’t remember the character names but I contacted customer services and they were (eventually) able to give me access to my old account without that information. It took about a week and I had to supply the original codes from the retail box I’d bought back when Guild Wars was new. I still had the physical box so that wasn’t a problem. There were other details I had to supply as well although I forget what they were. Anyway, Customer Service were very helpful and I did eventually get the account back so it used to be possible without knowing any character names.

    Of course, at the time Guild Wars was still in active development. I don’t know if maybe they stopped being so accomodating when it went into maintenance mode.


    1. Yeah, it’s definitely a lot easier now! I know I have the game boxes with codes in the next room. But I have no idea which ones belong to my main account and which ones belong to my alt accounts. :p


  2. I had a huuuge manual with the box set that had empty pages at the back where I wrote all my characters names… It’s one of the few game manuals I still own. I really miss those manuals the art and extra lore in them was amazing


    1. Oh, I remember the manuals… actually, I don’t remember what was in them exactly, but I do remember sitting down after buying the game and reading the manual, hoping to be able to start playing soon! :D


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