Favourite Game Theme Songs

I usually turn off the music in games nowadays, but there are a few where I need the music no matter what! And for other games, the main theme is just so captivating and forms one unit with the game in my head, if that makes sense, so I want to hear it whenever I launch the game.

The biggest one for me is Baba Yetu and Civilzation IV (although that one is actually the main menu song and the theme song is Coronation?). I’ve loved this song from the first moment I heard it! And to be honest, I have no idea what the other main songs are for Civ V, for example. I do like the one for Civ VI, but it’s never been stuck in my head. It’s just… nice.

The second main theme that I’ve been listening to over and over again is from The Secret World. However, here I think the theme song is so much better than the actual game, as sad as this may be. I liked The Secret World for the ambience it created, but I never got into the game’s mechanics and I never liked the combat. But still, the atmosphere, especially with the music, is great.

The third one is from Sovereign’s Will. The game isn’t even released yet and I have no idea if that song is going to be the main theme or just one song that you hear when playing the game. But it already found a special place in my heart. It’s called “First Snow” and when I listen to it, it just makes sense: I can picture it, the snow flakes dancing in the air, slowly drifting towards the ground where they may melt away fast because – being the first snow – the ground isn’t frozen yet.

And another one that I really like and that is one of bookahnerk’s favourites, actually: Sanctum Sprint, a song within Guild Wars 2. I think it played during the Bazaar of the Four Winds, more specifically, during the racing mini game. I can’t embed the song here, so you’ll have to follow the link if you want to listen to it.

And then there are games where I just love the whole soundtrack! Reus is one game that I absolutely cannot play with the music turned off. My favourite songs are Deserted Planet and A Steady Start. This is also one of only two game (series) soundtracks that I like listening to when I’m not playing the game.

The second one is the whole Tropico series, actually, with almost all of their songs. I had turned off the music in Tropico 6 for whatever reason and the game seemed… dead. Only when I turned the music back on did I get this typical Tropico feeling. It’s just part of the game’s appeal for me. These songs are also the most usual ones that you hear on the radio as well.

I couldn’t find any official source for the soundtracks. But I at least found a list of the songs from Tropico 4. The Tropico 6 soundtrack can be bought on Steam, but there is no “preview” available. I know there are YouTube videos available with the soundtracks, but since they’re not official, I’ll leave you to go find them on there if you want to listen to the music.

Tropico 6 Palace