A friendly competition

GW2 A Friendly Competition

I found this post in my drafts. It was originally written back in 2014 and should have been the teaser post for a roleplaying event in our Guild Wars 2 guild. However, some (minor) guild drama arose and the event consequently never happened. I almost forgot I ever wrote it, but when going through my old drafts for the Promptapalooza prompt “Write that one post you wanted to write so often, but always postponed. Finally do it!“, I stumbled over this one again… and after some thinking, I decided to publish it. It probably doesn’t even make any sense now, but I like thinking back to the active days of Dragon Season. It was a great guild and Guild Wars 2 wouldn’t have been as much fun without these people!


Flummi scratched her eartips. They had started itching a few minutes ago. They always did that when she got annoyed. “Let’s have a friendly competition”. Flummi could still hear that sentence. They had explained the project to the others and had told them what they needed to do to help them out. Just as the meeting was about to wrap up, one of their former krewe members had added quietly “Only one of them is good enough anyway…” Flummi had not even thought about any other possible results until then. A friendly competition. Friendly, to Flummi, meant fun and fair, but with the goal clearly in sight. This is what it should have been. Testing who was better and giving the prize to the winner. Fair – or as fair as it could be between two asura. This had been her expectation. The possible result, in Flummi’s mind, had only had one scenario: After that fair and friendly competition, Flummi would turn out the winner.

She smirked. Certainly not Azra.

GW2 A Friendly Competition

Her feet were dangling in the water. A small dolphin swam by and dived deep to cross below a ship that was just arriving at the harbor. The asura had her notepad on her knees and was scribbling down ideas for a plan of action. Around her, the every day life of the harbor was buzzing. It was one of the loudest places you could find in Rata Sum. Next to Flummi, her loyal golem NB 12-3 was quietly humming. He was not really good for anything else, but the humming made it easier for her to concentrate. The salty wind brought in even more sounds from the sea. Some other ship was approaching and had, for no good reason, started to honk repeatedly.

Flummi liked to ponder about all the important things here near the harbor. The amount of noises made it impossible to have her thoughts wander away… What if… what if this silly competition would actually end with Azra being the winner? What if she did not play by the rules? This was not going according to Flummi’s plan and she did not like it when things did not go the way she had planned them to go. She had to find a way to win, despite the plan.

For a brief moment, she closed her eyes and inhaled the air. When she opened them again, a small grin had appeared on her face. Her ears had finally stopped itching.




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