New games I’m playing this September

I kind of went a little overboard with new games, I guess. It must have been the post-gamescom-excitement! Or the fact that it was my birthday and felt like pampering myself… Either way, I now own a few more games and DLCs.

I bought Interrogation: You will be deceived at the end of August and I’m slowly playing through the game. I find it a bit annoying getting through all the dialogue only to fail in the end when there is a timer running down. But other than that, I really like this game, the mechanics and the story so far. I also like that you can’t just mindlessly click through all the dialogue. Sometimes, having the people you interrogate ease up a bit will make them give you answers they wouldn’t have given you otherwise. And with the timer, mindlessly clicking definitely isn’t an option. Every click takes away a few seconds from the time, so you better know what you want to ask next!

Then I bought California Games – good old Commodore 64 nostalgia. My first computer! Unfortunately, I have not yet figured out how to actually play the game, neither with my gamepad nor with my keyboard. And I can’t find a manual anywhere that shows me which keys I need to press in the games. But eh, this game is old enough, I can wait a bit longer and either try to figure it out on my own or wait for somebody to post the controls.

Tropico 6: Lobbyistico was a little bonus as it was on sale on Humble Bundle. I haven’t bought the previous DLC (Spitter) yet, but this one sounded better anyway! It’s also gotten better reviews. I think for the small amount of content the DLCs offer, the regular price of 10 € is too much to ask. But well, it was on sale. Right now, I’m focusing on my other acquisitions first, though. I just know that if I started playing Tropico 6 now, I’d probably not get to giving the new games a try any time soon!

Crusader Kings III came out shortly before my birthday and this is the only game on this list I didn’t buy. I got it as a birthday gift from bookahnerk! I tried to get into Crusader Kings II in the past as there was something about the game that in theory, I should love. But I never really grasped how to play it. I watched a few streams and it looked easier. It really is easier – once you get through the initial 100 pages of tutorial text, that is. But I am now at a point where I realize how much I don’t know about the game yet and where I google more than play in hopes of finding out what I’m missing. For example, is there any way to play peacefully? I feel like every minute I’m playing, I can add a couple of questions to the pile. But at the same time, I also feel that I kind of know what I’m doing – on a very basic level, at least.

The Sims 4 with Cats & Dogs wasn’t planned at all. In fact, I haven’t played the Sims in ages. The last time was when it was just “The Sims” with no number. But then this Star Wars DLC was announced for the Sims 4 and I kind of wanted it – until I saw the Cats and Dogs DLC. It seemed like the better deal for now (with Cats & Dogs and the base game being in a bundle and both on sale). I started playing the game and the dog’s animations are so… good. Simply that. From the sleeping position to the way the dog grabbed the toy ball, it just reminds me so much of the last dog we had. I am not sure yet how much I am going to play the game, but it’s another one I can run in the evening when I’m too tired to play something like Crusader Kings, but still want to play something relaxing.

Last on the list is Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. I did play the original game a bit and then stopped. I don’t even remember why. But this is the only RPG that I’d thought about picking up again over the past few years. The main reason I bought the Remaster was that they changed the levels of the regions (they’re not locked to the level you were when you first entered the zone) and that I’ll get the new DLC this way. Of course, I first need to actually play the game again. I started and thankfully, the game runs very well with the Steam controller, so my poor aching hand can handle it quite well! I also hope the Remaster is successful enough for them to continue with the IP! But I wouldn’t have paid the full amount of money they want for the game. I know the developers who werked on the Remaster didn’t get any money for the game before as they bought the game and the IP, but they didn’t change that much, apparently, so 40 € is quite steep.

Now, if only I had more time to play… (and let’s better not mention any of the MMOs I’m still trying to give some attention to as well).


  1. Interesting games!

    To answer your question if it is possible to play Crusader Kings III peacefully, let me try to answer but first a few disclosures:

    – My experience is mostly with Crusader Kings II where I am terrible at it. I still have fun with the game though.
    – I only played Crusader Kings III for about 3 hours but a lot of it feels similar to CKII.
    – I am assuming a feudal/european/chatolic dynasty

    If your goal is to just have a dynasty surviving the centuries without actively going to war with anybody then yes, it is technically possible. As long as your current character has a title and has an heir that can inherit it then it completely doable. However there are a few things to keep in mind:

    – Others can still declare war on you as long as they have a claim, legitimate or falsified, over your lands. Or if it is someone of a different religion they can declare a holy war on you.
    – If you have a liege and they declare war on someone else, depending on what laws they have, they will expect you to send some of your army to help in the war too. You can completely ignore it of course but that won’t make them very happy with you and if they dislike you enough they can revoke your title. If they do that you can try to rebel against your liege and raise your army against them. But then it is your army against your liege’s army…. Plus any kind of help both sides can get.
    – Your vassals can also rebel against you if they are too unhappy with you.
    – If you have an alliance with another ruler through marriage they might request your help in a war. You can refuse of course. They will just dislike you less. You might lose some reputation too but I am not too sure about that. Of all these options it is the least bad, specially since the AI can be a bit dumb when declaring wars. :p

    So even if you try to be the most peaceful dynasty possible it is most likely you will still have to fight wars for a reason or another eventually.

    I also don’t know if there are other ways to earn titles besides making claims on others and going to war for it/having your heir inherit it through marriage. Maybe with some strong hooks over someone else or something you can force them to give their title.

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    1. Yeah, with “peaceful” I meant that maybe there’s a way to… erm… use hooks or other diplomatic “help” to gain land. :p Other than declaring war over and over again. But probably not.

      I’ve restarted the game countless times now, always with Munster because it’s apparently the easiest – only now, after playing for more than 35 hours, did I realize I can switch to any character in that game and continue playing with them. This way, I think, I can get a much better grasp on the game. It’s been a lot of fun, though! :D

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      1. I think depending on the marriage and laws it might be possible for your heir to inherit titles to other lands. But I am not knowledgeable enough to give details. Hooks are new to Crusader Kings III so I am not sure it might work. I think it might be possible but it would have to be a very powerful hook for it.

        You can also revoke titles from your vassals too, depending on your laws but obviously that will make them very unhappy with you and pretty likely to revolt.

        Switching to other characters seems to be a good idea to get a grasp of how the other rules of the game works. Glad you are having fun in any case. The game has a pretty steep learning curve but can be pretty fun. :)


        1. It’s a lot of information that you need to keep in mind at once. But yeah, even if I’m losing, it’s fun and the stories are… entertaining. So much drama and intrigue! It doesn’t matter that I lose (as in: I can’t evolve or get bigger with more land). It’s fun anyway. :)

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          1. Agreed. At least the tutorial of Crusader Kings III seems to be far, far better than the one in II. The UI also seems to be easier to use in terms of information.

            I also don’t mind losing on it. One of my favorite games in Crusader Kings II was when I was trying to climb my way from the bottom to the kingdom of Poland. It was a very slow climb and eventually I ended up with a witch (from one of the DLCs) and tried to marry the king’s son to one of my daughters with the eventual goal of my dynasty inheriting his titles. Or something like that. Then I tried to curse the king to kill him and succeeded. Unfortunately his son didn’t like me much and took one title away from me. I thought about rebelling but his army would just crush me plus one title wouldn’t be a big deal, I could try taking it away again.

            Then he took another title… and another… I think eventually I either try to rebel and got arrested. Or my character was found out that she was a witch and got arrested. In the end the king took all her titles away and I didn’t have anyone else in my dynasty who had any titles either so I lost that game. But it was fun while it lasted. :)

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  2. Sega *Mega* Drive (Genesis), not Master Drive. Almost lost some geek cred, there.


    1. I know there are websites, but I own the game on Steam already. My problem is not knowing the controls in order to play the game.


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