GW2: Ascended Armor 2/3


How late exactly am I? I finally finished my second ascended armor set. That is, my mesmer got her cloth version… years ago, I guess. For a long time, I mainly played her, so my warrior didn’t really need hers. I was also always lacking enough Dragonite Ore, but it’s easily farmable now in Bitterfrost Frontier.

GW2 Warrior Ascended Armor

Next up is the medium armor set – I just haven’t decided yet who gets to wear it. I know that it’s account bound, but I still want to make it for one character in a way. It’s between my sylvari ranger and my asura thief. Probably the sylvari because she is easier to play! And I haven’t played either of them in years – again, literally.

I still refuse to work on any legendary items, though. Having one would be nice, of course, but I really don’t want to invest the time and gold to get one. I also wouldn’t know which one… Maybe the sword because that’s a weapon I like with many professions. But I usually play with ranged weapons, so it wouldn’t really be used too often. I’d just carry it around because it looks nice, until I decide to put a different skin on top.


    1. Hee, I guess I am then. :) I like that it seems to be an achievable goal now to get the third armor set. I really don’t like to do stuff that seems like work or that’s super expensive.


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