Promptapalooza No. 20: Tell us about some of your hobbies outside of the realm of your specific niche

This is part of the Promptapalooza. Today’s prompt comes from Ace Asunder:

“Tell us about some of your hobbies outside of the realm of your specific niche.”

One of my hobbies kind of fits to the PC gaming part of me, one doesn’t but has been featured here in the blog throughout the past years and the third has nothing to do with this blog or gaming at all.

Playing board games

Board games

Bookahnerk and I have a lot of board games and we love adding more to our collection. We even have a little “pile of shame” already, so we try to only get games that we really want to play right away! Because board games take up space, this pile is much smaller than the one on Steam, but it is there nonetheless. The worst game we ever bought was Civilization. We managed to put up the game when trying to play with two friends and we did play two rounds of one game, but then it was time for them to go home already. One of the games that I really cherish is one I backed on Kickstarter: Hand of Fate Ordeals. We have only played it twice or so, but it was really good. Too bad the company that made this game doesn’t exist anymore.

As you can see – Civilization, Hand of Fate – PC games and board games overlap nowadays.


Every year, since 2013, on April 1, you can get a taste of this hobby:

I have a few cakes and bread that I like to bake, but overall, I love cooking and I tolerate baking. What I dislike about the latter is the inability to do anything once it’s in the oven. It feels like a “hit or miss”. Cooking, on the other hand, is so much easier. You can usually adjust, add spices etc.

Fun story: I once accidentally dropped way too much chili powder in my chili con carne. We ate it, but it was barely edible. A few hours later during the night, I woke up with terrible pain in my abdomen. I didn’t want to wake up bookahnerk, so I spent most of the night quietly in pain. I saw a doctor later and had developed an irritated appendix. No inflammation, so I didn’t get an operation either. But the pain stayed for half a year – in a much less bad state, thankfully. But it still made me feel very uncomfortable and I had to change my diet in order to give my body the rest it needed to heal. Also, for me to not think about the pain constantly, I needed a distraction which I found in Warhammer Online. Fighting for my realm and against the enemy put my mind at ease, apparently. As you can see, recipes invade my gaming blog once a year and my worst cooking mistake ever connected me to an MMORPG.


When I was a teenager, I took two dance classes, beginner and advanced. It was custom to do that at the age of 14 back then – it still may be, but I wouldn’t know. Bookahnerk had never danced before as he happily ignored the custom or it didn’t exist where he lived. I also spent quite a few nights at discos dancing – well, moving to the music like you do nowadays… ;)

When we found our venue for the wedding, we realized it came with a small dance floor. So, we decided to take up a dance class and see if we – well, he – liked dancing. I already knew I would! We hadn’t told anybody about it and then surprised all of our guests with a wedding dance (consisting of rumba, the gangnam style dance and disco fox). Since then, we have continued dancing. Three years now and we still love it! Even during the Corona lockdown when dance schools were closed, we tried to dance a little bit here at home. It’s not the same, though, because there is no teacher correcting or helping you and while we do have the space for most dances (except those where you move a lot across the dance floor like the Viennese waltz), the floor isn’t ideal for dancing. Thankfully, dance schools have reopened now with small courses consisting of a limited amount of couples on the dance floor.

With a few exceptions (like the slow foxtrot and the quickstep), we prefer the Latin dances over the Standard ones.


    1. We were so lucky to find a dance school near our new place that is similar to the last one we had. You basically pay a monthly fee and can go to as many classes a week as you like (normally – during Corona, you can go to two classes each week because they have to limit the amount of couples per class and want to make sure that everybody can find at least one course each week to go to that isn’t full already). One of our previous dance teachers switched to that school which is why we knew about it in the first place. But still a funny coincidence. She was really happy to see us when we first arrived. :D


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