Promptapalooza No. 11: Tell us about your physical creative space

The 11th Promptapalooza prompt came from Krikket on Nerd Girl Thoughts.

“Tell us about your physical creative space, and how it influences your content creation.”

Obviously, I did clean up a bit before taking this picture. The left half usually has a lot more stuff on there. Mostly things like notes (not for the blog, but for my dissertation or work-related when I’m doing home office), receipts or any stuff that arrived by mail that I was too lazy to throw away. And sometimes, a lot of nail polishes because I can never decide which colour I want, if I feel like bothering with it. There’s also usually more glasses on there. Again, too lazy to bring the stuff to the dishwasher, even though it’s in the same room. The kitchen and living-room are combined – hence, the coffee machine this close to the desk… perfect place if you ask me! And there is also our coffee mascot, Pup from Atlas Reactor which bookahnerk had won in one of Trion’s streams.

I don’t think it influences me much. Not for writing, at least. I do need my two monitors, though. The first time I got them, it was mostly because bookahnerk said I’d need them and after working on essays for university on my PC while having my laptop turned on to use as a second monitor, I kind of understood why he’d said so. Of course, in the meantime, I have also already used both PC monitors and my laptop as a third monitor. But this was for working on my dissertation where I worked with my data. I usually don’t need it for anything else.

On a regular night, the monitor on the wall (which you can only see a tiny part of in the picture), is used for watching something on Netflix, or watching a Twitch stream. The right monitor is used for gaming while the left is used for communication – be it Discord, writing a blog post, chatting with friends and so on. If I am writing a blog post that I really need to focus on, then that site is on the right, the main monitor.

You can also see that I’m using two ergonomic vertical PC mice. Both are the Evoluent VM 4, only that the right one is size “small” which my hands need, and the left is “medium” because the left-handed version comes in one size only. I need these because of my chronically injured left hand (RSI). I can’t do everything with my left hand, so my right hand has to help. But I can’t switch to the right hand only because my brain is too left-handed. It’s too tiresome to use the right hand only. And the right hand starts to ache when I used it too much, too. My brain can’t handle the right hand as well as the left hand, after all. But that’s also why I chose a keyboard without a num pad.

Gaming with these vertical mice is really comfortable, by the way! You just need to get used it and then it’s no issue. But I am not playing any shooters or anything that needs high precision. You can also see the Steam Controller which I love really much. Too bad they stopped producing them. This is also a relaxing alternative for my hand. I can’t play MMOs on it, though. But Civ 6 or Grim Dawn are two games that are perfectly compatible!

When I’m working from home, I switch out the keyboard for an ergonomic one because it’s easier on my hands. I sometimes also do that when I’m writing longer or several blog posts. It’s just not comfortable when gaming or doing anything where I regularly need both mice because it’s too wide. However, when I am working, I wind up my desk, so I can stand in front of it. When I do that, my left hand actually doesn’t ache as much and I don’t need to use my right hand for the mouse that often.

So as you can probably guess after reading these paragraphs, the reason for having set up my desk the way that I have – other than the amount of monitors – isn’t to increase any creativity, but making sure my left hand is okay and as painfree as it can get!