Games I’ve played in July

Our vacation is over now and work will start again on Monday. The weather wasn’t as bad as we had feared, but far from what I would call “summer”. So, with everything going on and us preferring to either spend time outside or in our own home, we actually did get to spend quite a lot of time gaming. We used the rain-free time to explore the outside but this is out of the scope of this blog. So back to gaming: Did I actually stick to my original ideas of what I would want to play this month? Yes and no.

I actually did not spend much time in WoW Classic at all. I want to like the game, I really do, but it is Burning Crusade that I loved. Long dungeon runs are also tedious for my hand pain, so I’m staying away from these which means that the one thing I loved doing – running dungeons as a healer – is something I can’t do. We didn’t play our healer-tank duo at all. I did, however, play in retail WoW. No dungeons there either, but I have a new low level mage and a low level priest. Now I only need to decide which I’m using to play through the content again… possibly the priest because she’s a worgen and I don’t have a high level one yet.

My poor Beorning is still level 50, but closer to level 51, at least. This wasn’t my “fault”, though. LotRO had to deal with server issues and servers being down or laggy etc. I watched from the outside – that is, I read the forums – and decided not to bother with LotRO until the issues are fixed. I am mainly playing through a few skirmishes now to get a head start before going into Moria. I just dislike this expansion, so every little bit of content played that isn’t Moria is welcome. The Beorning is still a lot of fun and I’m glad I decided to give her a chance. However, I’m wondering if she’ll get something that will make AOE tanking easier. Mainly for skirmishes where my sage pulls aggro off the mobs before I can make them hate me enough.

I also didn’t play as much ESO as I thought I would. I roamed through Summerset and did a few of the dailies in order to get some rewards. I still like my Templar, I still really like the game, but I got distracted. Not distracted enough to miss our guild group picture, though! Please note the serious lack of argonians. I have no idea why that is and it made my Gechi-Ra a bit sad to see that she’s the only of her kind. But a lot of guild members were also missing because the announcement had been rather short-term.

The biggest surprise for me was my sudden urge to play Guild Wars 2 again. I regularly log in again wondering whether I want to play, but that only lasts an hour or so at the most. But this time, I crafted my warrior another ascended piece of armor – two more to go now! I equipped my mesmer first, so the warrior doesn’t have full ascended armor yet. And I restarted Path of Fire. That is, I previously played through it with the mesmer and am now advancing the warrior through the expansion as well. I still vastly prefer the maps over any of the living story instances, though. I came to Guild Wars 2 for the open world experience, playing with others without having to group up or fight for resources or loot.

My runepriest in WAR: Return of Reckoning is still in Tier 1, but she has jumped into several scenarios lately. I really like how fast these are. Perfect for a bit of PvP fun in the evening without having to wait hours to get some action.

In the non-MMO department, I neglected Grim Dawn once again. I did play a bit more of Warhammer: Chaosbane – and then went back to Project Hospital and Old World. I still have so much to learn about Project Hospital! Especially how not to get bankrupt and turn a profit. And Old World is still fun and I love to see it advance further in development – but I have yet to actually win a game. At least, losing is fun, too!

Other than that, I looked at several other of the Early Access games I bought in the past few years. But I mainly played Old World there.

I expect to be pretty busy with work in the coming weeks until the end of the year (I am now permanently employed at my current job, so that’s a big bonus there) and there is still my dissertation which is in the final stage of proof-reading. I think I’ll keep playing scenarios in WAR and maybe get more Open RvR in once I have reached the higher tiers. I also want to give a tank class a try. Order apparently needs tanks and healers. ESO and WoW will stay as well. Guild Wars 2 apparently, too. I’m not sure about LotRO at the moment… poor LotRO, poor Beorning.