Bookahneer’s Geekwatch (July 2020)

Parkasaurus Press Kit image 1

Guild Wars 2 Bookahneer's GeekwatchIf you still play LotRO, then you probably haven’t missed their recent server issues. We still don’t really know what happened, but it went on for a long time. Now apparently they are at a stage where the servers are stable enough, so we’re getting a compensation. Whether you were trying to log on in the past few weeks or not, everybody can use the code! Just make sure to do it before August 31. The Ancient Gaming Noob has it all written down already, so instead of repeating everything, I will just refer to his blog post instead. VIP users may get an extension of their subscription time as well, but they will talk about that at a later time.

Parkasaurus is leaving Early Access on August 13! I have only taken a few quick looks at the game recently, but I already loved the game when it was deep in its Early Access stage. They filled it up with missing features (breeding, being able to build bridges so that visitors can take a look at the dinosaurs from above, etc.) and I don’t doubt that they are ready for release. Since I haven’t played much recently, there is a lot for me to discover, so I’m quite excited. The announcement also says that they “will be launching with a discount”.

Belghast isn’t organizing a traditional Blaugust this year, because we just had Blapril (is that really three months ago already?). However, he had another really nice idea which I can neither spell nor pronounce without looking it up: Promptapalooza! This will basically be a round trip through several blogs with one of us posting a prompt each day. If you want to participate, you can follow along, look at the prompts, and start writing blog posts! Of course, you are not required to use every prompt nor do you have to write about a certain prompt on a certain day.

“Bookahneer’s Geekwatch” is the place where I take a look at all those little pieces of gaming news that have attracted my interest and/or talk about what’s recently been in the spotlight of other gaming blogs.