I have finally chosen a main character for Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2

Since before the game’s launch (August 2012), I’ve been switching between the mesmer and the warrior as my main characters, not knowing which one to choose and focus on. I even realized at some point that it’s mostly the playstyle that catches my attention: I love playing classes with one-handed swords available.

Yesterday, almost 8 years after the game’s launch, I could finally make this obviously very important decision: It’s my warrior.

I still love the mesmer class in Guild Wars 2. But with me returning to the game once every couple of weeks, it’s always the warrior that I take out for a walk or who gets to progress through the living story chapters. Granted, she is much easier to grasp and play than the mesmer. But I also feel that over the last few years, ArenaNet has kept making changes to how the mesmer works that it feels too chaotic to me. The warrior is still as straight forward as she’s always been. And lastly, while I love playing the mesmer, I enjoy playing the warrior more, no matter which built I play.

I don’t think I’ll return to GW2 for more than just a few short walks here and there. It’s too much: Here is another living story part. Play the first part to unlock the new map. Get to the new map, repeatedly play the map to collect or grind XY. Oh, and please collect all the mastery points.

But once in a while, playing on a map is fun. If only I’d get more than blues and greens…


  1. For Guild wars 2, guardian was my go to character. I’ve always been the Healer of my group of friends, so it was a natural choice.

    Though, I prefer the original Guild Wars. I was a part of that game’s closed Alpha test, and it will always have a place in my heart.


    1. Guardian should have been MY class exactly because of this! But… it wasn’t. I love playing healers, just not in Guild Wars 2. Guild Wars itself was just very very special. I still want to go back and re-experience the content. With all the other old MMOs I’ve been playing lately, it’s certainly next on the list. :p


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