[Civ VI] Long Live the Queen! – Turns (261-270)

Naithin had the idea to start a Civ VI succession game and I jumped at the chance to participate!

The rules, short and sweet (you can read all of them here): We’re playing the Civ VI base game without expansions or DLCs, so all participants can play. We have a player order which determines who gets to play after whom. When it’s your turn, you play for 10 turns and then the next person takes over the game and continues.

The participants are:

  1. Naithin
  2. Rakuno
  3. Paeroka
  4. Tessa (aka Endalia)
  5. Krikket
  6. UnwiseOwl
  7. Rambling Redshirt
  8. Kanter

You can follow the game progression in each of our blogs! Please see Naithin’s post about the game for the links to all previous blog posts as he seems to be keeping track there. And in case you want to play along and see how your version of our game develops, you can find the save games here.

Previously in Long Live the Queen…

We are at war with Gilgamesh and all nations with the exception of Egypt have denounced us. Rakuno was already pondering about making peace, but not before he managed to take over two more cities. So altogether, the three cities that Gilgamesh founded right between ours, Ur, Adab and Eridu, are under our control now.


And that’s when my reign begins. Or “our reign” in this case, as I had bookahnerk be my tactical advisor for all things war-related. He usually goes the domination route in Civilization games, but he hasn’t really played Civ 6 yet. Perfect conditions for an advisor, right?

After first inspection, we decide to give our troops some rest and time to regenerate. They have served us well in the past few years, so they should definitely get some vacation time now. Catherine would like our niter as well as mercury and coal. What else, my dear? Our whole lot of tea and some armies on top? Catherine doesn’t even like us. Whatever made her think we would give our niter to an enemy. Of course, we decline!

Rifling research is done and Enlightenment is also finished. We decide to research Steel for the artillery and the oil! It takes 9 turns to research, though. From the civics, we choose Nationalism as that will allow us to unite two identical units.

What to build in Adab, though? A new unit that we’d like would take 40+ turns to complete. That’s insane! And since we do intend to keep this city, why not invest in its future? So a granary sounds more sensible. This one takes 11 turns, we may have peace again at that point. We’re also sending builders to a second niter resouce, next to Eridu. 

I never know what’s the best use for a Great Admiral, so I ignore one and send the other to join our naval unit and strengthen it. There is another peace offer from Gilgamesh: Elephants and 33 gold for 30 turns. There is nothing else. We decline the offer at this point. Meanwhile, we built Oxford university which unlocked Flight and Chemistry for us. Since we now – theoretically – have access to air units, we start building an aerodrome in Stoke-Upon-Trent. Most air units need that one before we can build them. At the moment, we can “only” build observation balloons and biplanes. Of course, even these are really good already, I think. I haven’t seen anything in the air other than birds, so I assume that the other civilzations don’t have any air units yet either. We also have a military strength of 833 which seems to be the highest by far.

Pedro comes up with a demand and insists we give him money! 125 gold, to be exact. We are going to refuse, of course. At the same time, it makes us think… if a weak worm like Pedro dares come to us with demands, which of the other nations will follow? Sure, we can beat him up and still take another city from Gilgamesh. But if the other nations turned against us as well, we’d have a very hard time! Maybe we should make peace… for a while. You know, to let the other nations think they’re safe? But for now we proudly and happily decline the demand… No money for worms!

Our declaration of friendship ended with Cleopatra. We asked to renew it, but she… well, politely declined. We’re also no longer Suzerain of Preslav.

We get the message that a spy escaped from Bristol and Gilgamesh asks for peace again. One elephant and 33 gold – again. The idea was to try to get Kish from him… However, not now. I do not really have the experience with combat in Civ VI to really know how to do it. We tried to attack with the Siege Tower with us, but our unit was left with only half its life left after one round. This seemed too ineffective. The city hardly showed a dent in its hitpoints. Maybe we should wait until we have more ranged units to help. We decide to invest in a Bombard unit for now. Also, we can build biplanes which would probably also help a lot. 

Gilgamesh offers peace again: one elephant and 34 gold. Now we’re talking! Well, not really. But my thoughts behind this were that we could use the peace time to build up an army with ranged and flying units, as I already said, and to get the other nations off our back again! I obviously have no idea if that even makes sense, but here we go. I guess we can always make up a reason to go back to war with him if we want to. 

Well, at least he said “Thank you”.

We also finished researching Steel. We have Radio boosted already which will show us aluminium resources on the map. This is needed for more flight units among other things. Even though that war wasn’t successful for our reign at all, we at least did manage to kill off the barbarians in the south… and a new barbarian outpost appeared south of Plymouth. Gilgamesh kept his promise not to settle near us for the following few months. Good boy! But I guess this isn’t really a surprise as no settler of his would have survived between our army.

We also get to send more envoys which we send to Bandar Brunei for the gold bonus for each commercial district. And that is it. I’m handing over to Tessa. You can find the save file here.


  1. Agreeing to a peace treaty so we can regain our strength and recruit more troops isn’t a bad strategy at all. I often do that if a war gets to a point where I’d end up losing more troops trying to get a city than it is worth it.

    Also, the reason the Siege Tower and the Ram didn’t do much of a difference is because they are useful as wet paper at the era we are in now. What we need to take over some cities are cannons. Bombers, whenever we unlock them, should help too. Also, we can’t keep fighting with units that are so behind the times, like the swordsmen. So upgrading those units should also be another one of our priorities.

    I think the only reason we were able to get the cities we did is because they still had relatively low population, were pretty much defenseless and because of the easy difficulty level we are playing in. If circumstances were different we wouldn’t have gotten even once city.

    Just to be clear I am not criticizing you or anyone in particular with these words. It is more that I am still surprised that we still have troops so far behind in the technological tree. Or that our war even succeeded in taking a few cities off Gilgamesh despite our lack of proper siege weapons for this era. :p


  2. V✪ω✪V, I always enjoy these posts from the CIV VI game that you’ve all created! It’s entertaining and also I’m always wondering what will be the next best move, leading a civilization is hard; you guys are awesome!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! Glad to hear it’s entertaining. :)
      I like how much I’ve learned about the game so far only by reading what others did and why they decided for or against something.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I may not enjoy playing civ myself, but you put an interesting spin on it.

    Gilgamesh keeps that up and they will feel the wrath of subjugation! Keep it up!


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