My MMOs in July 2020

I am still pondering whether to continue with WoW Classic or not. The lack of Burning Crusade is just too severe for me and I really want my Draenei mage! Although, since we’re playing Horde, this would probably rather be a Blood Elf paladin. Having paladins and shaman on both sides was a really good change if you ask me. No more worries about a lack of faction balance, at least in that regard (let’s not get into racial skills here…). I also really don’t like having to switch from one zone to another in order to not run into orange and red quests in a zone while levelling. I didn’t notice this in the original WoW because being on a PvP server and hating open world PvP, I always only grinded mobs near my faction’s quest hubs. Was that fun? Certainly not! I enjoyed running dungeons with friends, though. The length of most of the dungeons in WoW Classic is too much for my poor hand to handle, though. So again, I am mostly grinding my shaman who now reached level 42. I switched her from enhancement to elemental which requires more clicking, but it’s more fun to play. In the end, I’d like to play her as a healer in battlegrounds. But that’s still a long way to go.

I have now cancelled my sub for WoW because of my boredom with WoW Classic. It’s still running until the middle of August. Of course, now my interest in retail WoW has grown, but I guess I can always resub if I think both games together are worth the money. I don’t necessarily like the current version of the game, though. Especially the class trees are… boring. But I like rediscovering the world and seeing the changes they have made to the zones. I also want to play some more pet battles. I guess I can safely ignore the garrison and the class halls? I have no idea about the game anymore, really.

In retail WoW, I made a little Draenei mage to see the differences in levelling now. But then I figured that playing a healer would be much nicer as I can hopefully also hop into some random dungeons as a healer – my favourite role in groups with strangers (tank in a group with friends). So, my worgen priest was born. I have only had undead and dwarf ones before. I know I played a worgen through the starting area before and I remember liking it… not this time. The very beginning up until you’re in a cage is still nice and I love the atmosphere. But after that, it drags on and on and on and I just wanted to leave that place but wasn’t allowed to. I was level 22 when I could finally decide where to head to next. That is, I came to Darnassus, but could continue on to Stormwind from there.

Other than that, I still enjoy playing Elder Scrolls Online. I’ve made a new low level warden to play and level as a healer. I have no idea how well that’ll work. But I always have my main templar to return to if I don’t like the warden. She is also slowly acquiring more champion points. Once you hit level 50 in ESO, you don’t gain levels anymore, but champion points. Each of these gives you a point to put into a different skill tree system. The champion points are unlocked for every character on your account, though. So even my little level 8 warden can use these champion points and get stronger this way. ESO isn’t a game that I can play for long, because as boring as classic combat like WoW or Lotro are, I find it more relaxing than the action combat that ESO has and I’m often too tired and too lazy to go do quests in ESO because of that.

There is also still Lotro. I tried to check out that whole wedding celebration event, but after getting lost in the city, finding the king after a long time, and then not knowing what to do next or where to go next, I think I’ll just give up. I love that they’re adding new content. I still hate their maps.

No Warhammer Online lately. I’m beginning to think it’s because I don’t like playing an elf. Even if I like the archmage class which is basically a mirror of the goblin shaman. But… it’s not a goblin. Maybe I should give the dwarf runepriest a try.