Steam Summer Sale 2020

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The Steam Summer Sale has started – in case there’s any gamer left that hasn’t noticed! I wanted to take advantage of the additional 5 € off when you buy something for at least 30 €. So, I decided to take a long thorough and critical look at my wishlist. I have the tendency to throw games on there that remotely look interesting with the intention to check them out later in order to determine whether I want to buy it or not.

In the process, I have now actually removed quite a lot of games and DLCs – about 20 items or so – but also noticed that one third of the remaining ones are upcoming titles that haven’t been released yet. I really wish Steam gave us a wishlist and a “watch list”.

There are also so many games in my library that I bought not too long ago or got gifted that I haven’t yet had the time to check out properly. So, with this sale, I told myself to primarily look at DLCs for games that I do play and two new games at the most. I have to say, so far, I have succeeded!

Cities Skylines Industries

For DLCs, I ended up buying Cities: Skylines – Campus. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to get this one or not. I know I want to have all the DLC for this game at some point, but I haven’t touched Cities: Skylines in such a long time… and yet, I really love this game! The content of the DLC sounds really good, though, as I love to build my utopian cities with a good public education system. So far, I’m enjoying it, but I also started a new city and I’ve only given them a primary school and a high school.

Then I also added the raptor skin pack for Jurassic World Evolution. This is purely cosmetic and nothing I needed at all, but I like having some colour variations and since it’s on sale, it was cheap enough to buy. When it comes to cosmetic DLC, I am very picky. But I like the little raptors and for 1,39 € – why not… now, I also need to remember to play that game again. I took a break only because I used to play it a lot and wanted to focus on my other games as well.

Jurassic World Evolution Velociraptor

I also finally got the DLCs for Victor Vran. I told myself not to play Victor Vran until I’m done with Grim Dawn… but that was years ago. Maybe it is time to play Victor Vran next to Grim Dawn? I really do want to play it. I also decided to get this instead of buying into the early access version of Torchlight 3. There’s been too many negative reviews and opinions about that game, so I’m waiting until I know more about what the game will be like when it launches.

These were the DLCs. The new game I chose is The Universim. It was between this, One Day in London and Endless Space 2. But I did tell myself that I could get “two new games at the most” – so that’s still one new game I could theoretically buy… I didn’t know The Universim made me feel that much like a Goddess… despite watching video reviews of the game. I have no idea how I could have missed this. But it’s a good thing because I like it about the game. The little nuggets sometimes go and build things of their own, they also had an election on who gets to be leader for the next year or so. I can’t dictate everything about their lives! But I can heal them or tell them to build a hospital. So I’m a big influence. It’s cute graphics and so far, very well done! It’s also still Early Access and not finished yet, but already very playable.

So there were my picks so far. Maybe I’ll get one more game, but I’m really not sure… there’s just so many other good games in my library right now!


  1. I picked up copies of Deep Rock Galactic and Satisfactory for my brother and myself. We’ve actually been having a pretty good time poking around in Satisfactory every evening.


    1. Space dwarves… yay! – FPS… no… :p But other than the first person perspective, those games look really nice! :D


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