bundle for racial justice and equality: Dorfromantik is currently running the bundle for racial justice and equality.  It’s “pay what you want” from $5 up and it’s got 742 items in it. I scrolled through them and recognized two names… but I  still wanted to get the bundle if only to show my support and help out the charities in question. And with that many items, I knew there had to be something in there for me.

“All proceeds will donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund split 50/50.”

Since there are so many games, I decided to highlight one here that I really liked and that I hadn’t heard of before. It immediately caught my attention when scrolling through the list: “Dorfromantik“. It’s a German word, so that is probably why. Literally, it means “village-romance”. Not romances happening in villages, but the flair and idyllic atmosphere villages can have. I liked the images of the game. The game’s description says that they’re turning it into a proper game with release in the first half of 2021. So the game you get here is a prototype. But it’s a cute one!

You start with 25 tiles that you get to place one after another. At the top of the screen, you see three tasks. Once you fulfill a task, a new task arrives. You get one point for each tile placed. The numbers in the tasks show you how many new tiles you receive for fulfilling them. On the upper left, you can check to highlight trees, villages and fields. These are part of the tasks, e. g.: “build a group of 3 fields”. When you highlight the board, you can see where you already have fields. For this tasks, it’s not really necessary, but when the game asks you to have 4 villages with only up to 4 houses each, it helps a lot seeing there the villages are located, so that you don’t accidentally connect them and make them bigger.

This is basically all there is. It’s relaxing and fun! And it can be a bit mean sometimes. I had one run where I didn’t get many tiles with houses on them, but two out of three tasks asked for villages.

What it’s lacking is a replay button. Once you’re done, you exit – there is no menu yet, so it’s Alt+F4. Then you start the .exe again and can play the next game. Sadly, there is also no highscore! I have to memorize or write down my 134 as the highest points I’ve achieved so far if I want to know whether that’s a good score or not.