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GW2_Guild Beach Party 2013

Paeroka's Ponderings featured image for columnThe members of Dragon Season (a guild on the EU servers in Guild Wars 2) may remember a time where I was actively playing the game and organized our guild parties. Here’s a fun fact: Not too long ago, when rambling about guilds (in WoW Classic), I said to bookahnerk: Well, I’m the one talking here, having never led a guild… – and it took me a bit to realize how wrong my memory was. Maybe I forgot about that time because it wasn’t too difficult or time-consuming. We had regular guild council meetings. We had our guild drama. We even had to make difficult decisions of whether to remove a person from the guild or not. But we also had the guild parties, the guild missions we did together as a guild and lots and lots of fun!

So, when I now look at the dynamics of guilds in WoW Classic (and other MMOs) and look at how certain guilds are led, then yes, I don’t only look at it from the perspective as a guild member, but also as a former guild officer. With the only difference being that our guild was so awesome (the members still are, but the guild has become very quiet with most officers not playing that much anymore) that it never felt like much work. However, we also did have a few recurring topics that we just couldn’t agree on.

I recently joined a new guild in WoW Classic and read about some drama which happened before I joined. I’m not going into any details because this is private and between them. But one person made a comparison that stroke me as odd and had me thinking: “Guild leaders (involving the actual leader and his/her officers) are like organizing a rock band. The band is the raid leader and the audience are the raid members. Nobody cares about the guild leaders, because their job isn’t to govern anything, but to organize the concert. Nobody will ever remember the organizers. Only the band and the audience count.” (I paraphrased and translated the statements.)

This isn’t my experience at all. I would compare it to a body: The guild leaders – as well as the raid leaders if the MMO in question offers raids – are the heart of the body. The guild members are the various body parts: lungs, kidneys, arms, toes etc. It sucks not having them and the body itself can only function with all the various body parts. But the heart is the part that makes sure the blood flows everywhere, even into the little toe!

GW2 DS Beach Party

So basically, what I’m saying is that I don’t think guild leaders and officers are unnecessary and people to be forgotten. Instead, I think they’re vital to every guild in that they’re the catalysts needed. They are the people on the forefront of a guild leading the members in a certain direction and setting the rules and norms within which the guild members can act and interact with each other. And these very rules and norms foster a certain environment which then will lead to how you experience your time in the game with your fellow guild members!

What I also realize now is that I miss Dragon Season – the people and playing with them! Especially the guild missions…

GW2 Guild Mission Day 1

I regularly have rants and ramblings in my mind, but never really know if I should post them, so “Paeroka’s Ponderings” is where I will try to give these rants a place. Sometimes they will make sense, sometimes they won’t.

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