New issue: Choosing a faction, not a class

After writing about my favourite classes in MMOs and realizing how many are from Warhammer Online, I got the urge to play this game again. Thankfully, even though the official servers are down, there is one private server where you can play. For free, as they mustn’t earn any money from that project! It’s not a rebuild of what we had, but an advanced version. Some things have been changed, balanced etc. You can have up to 20 character on the server (no multiple accounts allowed!) with ten from each faction. If you engage in RvR on one faction, you are locked from playing with the other faction for a certain amount of time. It’s a bit sad if you notice too late you’re on the winning side and would like to help the underdog, but it’s good to keep others from doing the opposite!

Usually, I have problems finding the right class for me to level in MMOs. I tend to level one up only to then switch my main and start the levelling process all over again. Not so in Return of Reckoning. I know I want to play the shaman/archmage (mirror class available to goblins on Destruction side and elves on Order side).

However, here’s the dilemma: Destruction quite often has more players online. Do I really want to add to an already existing imbalance? Order has dwarves and I love them. I also quite loved playing the runepriest which is also a healer. But if I want to play the kind of healer that the shaman is, I have to play an elf on Order side. Thankfully, it’s not that bad (but still bad!). When I heal, I look at the grid in the middle showing me little squares representing players in my warband and partly on the screen itself because I need to be aware of my surroundings in RvR and see where the front line is and who may need bigger heals soon. Also, not every player is part of my warband and they may still need my help! I honestly do not look at my character at all.

So here we go. On the one hand, Greenskins (both goblins and orcs), chaos (humans) and elves (ugh…) on the Destruction faction vs. dwarves, humans and elves (ugh) on Order side. I would definitely prefer playing my goblin shaman. On Order side, it’s the elf archmage. But I also love the dwarves which I’d get to play then. Such a tough decision…

Maybe Order with a side of Goblin once in a while? To help the “underdogs”?