When did Lotro sneak back in?

Lotro Beorning character

A couple of days ago, all of a sudden, me and some friends started playing Lotro again. I don’t even remember who started the conversation or who decided to return first. It was also not so much a decision as it was rather some of us just logging in again.

But my problem still remains: I don’t like the guardian class. It’s a super standard, boring tank class. I like tanks, but I want something tricky about them. I was considering levelling my runekeeper instead – but on which server? We used to play on Evernight and it still feels like home. But we also started playing again when Anor launched and it’s this kind of parallel adventure where we don’t feel like tiny little newbies. The maximum level is 85 there. It’s 120 on the regular servers.

What I hadn’t checked was the number of players. Evernight has about 1600 players online at 9 pm German time. Anor, on the other hand, has just shy of 200. However, we mostly play casually, more for ourselves than with others. So it doesn’t bother me.

The question about which class to play, however… I decided to give the Beorning another try and to my surprise, this time I love the class! I’m not going to explain the class, as FibroJedi did a much better job already.

What I learned from reading his post, though, is that the tattoo on your character’s face is still visible in bear form. I never saw that before! It’s so cute! And yes, cuteness is an important factor when you’re playing a bear.


  1. I also just started playing LOTRO, for me the first time since 2007.

    I’m playing as a Champion and feels like a very generic melee DPS so far. As much as love the world of LOTRO, I was never all that attracted to the class fantasies.


    1. I liked the champion when I played her because the combat feels faster. I am not a big fan of how… slow and laggy the combat feels with the skill activations. But yeah, pretty generic otherwise. There’s the Lore-Master and the Captain that feel differently. And the warden is definitely one unique class! I just don’t like having to memorize all the gambit combinations or I’d still be playing mine. :)


    1. Me? Warden was my main for the longest time. :) But I hate what they did with the class tree changes. I can no longer play the way I loved to play her. And after so many years, I really don’t want to relearn the gambits. I knew them all by heart.

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      1. Ah yeah they did a lot of changes, I remember running around as an op red traited minstrel for a bit. Then they needed them again so it was impossible! I haven’t kept up so I don’t know what they’ve currently changed. I haven’t played much since it switched to Standing Stone (or whatever they’re now called)


        1. Standing Stone Games. Not that it really matters, I still call them Turbine. ;)

          I don’t remember how I had traited mine, but it was when we could still easily mix and match in the very old days. I played her as a sturdy DPS when soloing who could easily fight up to three mobs while self-healing. DPS wasn’t too slow. So basically, I was neither a DPS nor a really tank. But in small fellowship content, nothing could bring me down! And when soloing through the world, it didn’t take ages to kill one single mob. ;) But most of all, really don’t want to relearn the gambits. It’s a great system, but too bloated.

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