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After the Top Five game series, there’s now another top five: the most viewed posts. SDWeasel of Unidentified Signal Source started it, I think. Naithin from Time to Loot followed – and so do I now. The Top Five haven’t changed in years for this blog. The blog posts are from 2012 to 2014 and are still getting visited regularly.

1. How to switch between the starter areas in Guild Wars 2

We’ve kept this guide up-to-date for a long time. I admit that I don’t know if it’s still accurate. But it’s hopefully been helpful for a lot of players! Also, since it’s been consistently in our Top Five (being Top 1 or 2 most of the time), this should maybe tell ArenaNet that they’ve not done such a great job here… still better than switching regions in Guild Wars, though.

2. Guild Wars 2: Regions by level

I like lists. That’s why I wanted this to be able to see where I can go at which level. I’m keeping it semi-updated. The last update happened a year ago. Of course, only max. level areas have been added, so it’s not really necessary to have them. But still, it seems to be something that the players want or need. It’s also consistently been in the Top Five, most of the time hitting spot no. 1 or 2.

3. Guild Wars 2: A FAQ for new players

Now this is horribly outdated! ArenaNet linked to it on their Facebook page back when we had published it and we got a major visitor spike and it kept getting hits even years afterwards.

4. Trove: Biomes and their map colours

Again, another outdated guide. The areas themselves have changed and it’s not one huge map anymore. The icons representing the biomes are similar. At some point, they redid them. The guide is still helpful, though, because a butterfly is a butterfly, even if drawn slightly differently.

5. Trove Robo Raptor mount

This is – or was – a mount that streamers were given to hand out during their streams. As usual with exclusive items, people search the internet to find out how to get them etc. and that’s how this post has ended up in the Top Five.

Trove Map Fae Forest Butterfly

As I said, all of these posts are old. So, let’s take a second look at the Top Five games from last year!

Top 1 and Top 2 are the same, actually, but this doesn’t surprise me.

3. Too many choices in Grim Dawn

I’m rambling here about the class and build choices in Grim Dawn, especially for the new class, the Oathkeeper, which came with the last expansion. I don’t think this post got so many hits because people are interested in my rant. It did get a spike in visitors when the Grim Dawn forums with the build list compendiums went offline for some time. I assume I used the right words to make search engines think I provide information about builds which is probably what players were looking for. I didn, though. I linked to a few, but these weren’t available. But this is all me guessing on why this post has been so popular.

4. LotRO: New race coming (with female dwarves)

Female dwarves. Enough said. This announcement got LotRO players excited, so it’s no surprise it was popular… although I actually was surprised because I hadn’t thought that so many people were still interested in LotRO.

5. WoW Classic: EU Realms

I still remember Blizzard saying that there won’t be specific language servers for the EU population. German, French, Spanish players were very frustrated – so were others, of course, but these are the languages that got their own servers in the end. When WoW Classic launched, servers got overcrowded fast. I tried to keep this post updated to reflect which servers were full and which still had capacities as well as adding new servers to the lists. I also tried to do that with the Russian ones which wasn’t that easy. I don’t speak Russian and I never learned to read these letters. But I think I still managed to find the correct Cyrillic spellings in the Russian forum.

That’s it. Almost all posts are guides/overviews. I guess that’s what I’m best at? Maybe I should rant less and inform more… but that’s less fun!

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