Bookahneer’s Geekwatch: Free stuff in MMOs

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Guild Wars 2 Bookahneer's GeekwatchLord of the Rings Online extended its period where you can play all content – that is: all quest packs – for free. You can now play the game without any quest restrictions until May 31! Usually, after the starting areas, you either need to grind or unlock quest packs (with money or by spending Lotro points which you can earn in-game) to continue questing.

The same goes for DDO: All quest content is free until May 31.

Additionally, VIPs (the ones with lifetime accounts or paying subscribers) get something for free if they log in between May 1 and May 31:

For Lord of the Rings Online

  • A selection box of medium carryalls, choose from one of the following: Crafting, Task, Essence, Instrument or Housing Decoration.
  • Greater morale potion (bound to character, delivered to every character a player logs into on their account between May 1st and May 31st.)

I’m actually not sure what kind of potion that is. The potions in-game are called Athelas Extract/Essence, but it might be the “Greater Potion of Morale“. The Carry-Alls are more interesting! They were added not too long ago. The Wiki only shows an item for crafting materials and one for tasks, though.

For Dungeons and Dragons Online, there will be:

  • Extra 10 slots of Shared Bank Storage
  • A Siberys Spirit Cake (bound to character, delivered to every character a player logs into on their account between May 1st and May 31st.)

I don’t play DDO, so I can’t say anything about that. I just thought I’d mention it as well, since both games are from the same developers and they listed both games in their announcement anyway.

Logging into Guild Wars 2 will also give you something for free, since ArenaNet are celebrating the 15th birthday of the original Guild Wars (GW Prophecies released on April 28, 2005). I can’t believe the game is that old already!

If you missed unlocking the previous living story chapter, you can unlock them now simply by logging in. Please note that you need to buy the expansion in order to play the unlocked chapters.

If you don’t own the expansion yet, you can get it for 50 % off on the official store. Path of Fire also now includes the previous expansion, Heart of Thorns. So, if you have neither, you only need to buy Path of Fire to get them both. For us who already have everything, there is a free cape when logging in. It’s available until May 19.

I may not be playing Guild Wars 2 at the moment, but I always grab the free items. In case I do ever really return to the game. But if I do, my charr will have something else on his back. The cape looks better on the other races!

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