Trüberbrook, Driftland & Detective Di

Three games in one day… Feels like Christmas! Bookahnerk finally chose the games he wants from this month’s Humble Choice – and two of these games went to me!

I’ve been eyeing Trüberbrook since I first heard about the game. It’s a point-and-click adventure set in the 1960s of Germany. There’s quite some nostalgia starting the game and seeing one of the old “Deutsche Mark”-coins (we switched to Euros several years ago, so this currency isn’t available anymore). 1967 was before my time, though, so that’s probably where the nostalgia ends. Still, it’s a genre I like and a setting that may be interesting to play. I deliberately tried to avoid any streams and news about the game as not to get any spoilers about the story.

The second game I got is Driftland: The Magic Revival. It’s a real-time strategy city-builder set in a fantasy world. I am not a big fan of real time strategy when it becomes too much about clicking fast, but reviews said that this one is rather slow, so I should be fine. It’s been on my wishlist for ages, but I just never bought it, even when it was on sale. The developers added the active pause to the game which is very much appreciated. It helps even more with my hand issues, because it slows down the gameplay even more.

The third one, Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders, isn’t from the Humble Choice. But it was on sale on Humble and bookahnerk bought it for me (as long as his Humble Choice subscription is active, he gets an additional 20 % off). This is also a point-and-click game, but set in China during the Tang Dynasty (if that tells you as much as it did me, Google says that was 618 to 907). You play as a detective trying to solve murders. I immediately started this game when I was done with work today and I already played through the prologue (no spoilers here, don’t worry!). So far, the difficulty was very low. There was one puzzle to solve. The story was interesting, though, and the atmosphere is well done. You have background music which wasn’t playing in all scenes and ambient noises like a waterfall in the background. At some point, there was a kind of story twist and it was accompanied by a louder sound. No jump scare, but something similar to that. The game itself has no voice at all and everything is delivered by text on the screen. So having this sound at that point positively added to the immersion, actually.

So, I guess I won’t be able to complain about being bored any time soon here!