Updated blogrolls

Blapril 2020

Blapril has been going on for weeks and I just now realized that I still had the Blaugust 2019 participants linked on the right side of my blog. I now took a look at the participants of Blapril 2020 and everyone should find their blog linked there instead now! And since I was already playing around and making these changes, I also updated my regular blogroll (to be found when you scroll further down).

There were a few bloggers with inactive blogs, but surprisingly, these weren’t too many! I have a list that’s not displayed here with inactive blogs, so I can easily check them whenever I updated the blogroll to see if they’ve gotten active again at which point they’ll get added to the blogroll again.

As always, I hope I didn’t forget anyone or mess up a link. If you’re bored and need to find some new blogs, feel free to browse around! We’re 48 participants, by the way.

I think it’s really great how many decided to join Blapril and for me, at least, it’s been a really nice experience so far. Relaxing more than stressful, mostly, because I decided to post shorter blog posts most of the time that I usually wouldn’t even write because these are the things that come to my mind and then I just think “nah, not worth writing about”. Or I want to write it, then postpone it and then never write the post. But with the goal as it is, I’m not postponing the posts and thus, they get written and published. If they’re all worth publishing, however – well, that’s not for me to judge, I guess, since I’m not the one reading my posts.

This is my 25th post, by the way. Since it’s April 26th, I think I’m doing rather well.


  1. I added the newcomers to my blog roll at the start of Blapril and then some more about a week later but i hadn’t looked to see if there were any more since then. I thought last time I checked the total was in the 30s though so there must be quite a few. I’ll have to take a look at it tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder!


    1. Hehe, you’re welcome! There were quite a few who’d already been on my blogroll before and/or had participated during Blaugust 2019. But I also saw a lot of new names which is always good. :)


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