Screenshot Saturday: Level 46 in ESO

I’m slowly making my way to level 50 – which will lead towards the CP grind, apparently. But it’s still nice being able to just explore the game, do a few quests here or there and getting to know the world that way. I did play Skyrim, but not far into the story and I did give Morrowind a try, but an even shorter one. Something about the Elder Scrolls was always appealing to me, but I never quite got into it.

To be honest, I had wanted to do the prologue quest for the upcoming DLC/expansion Greymoor, but I somehow ended up doing a Summerset quest instead (The Dreaming Cave). I guess I should have turned left instead of right somewhere along my path to whatever Fighting Guild I was supposed to do go. Oh well. It was still an interesting story and I am now in the next step of it.