Finally settling into ESO

For months, I’ve been saying how much I love ESO and that I just need to get into the game… and then I did only log on to do crafting dailies. However, two things have changed recently. I joined a German guild with a trader, but they’re mostly a casual social guild that also tries to have a trader. I suddenly feel connected. And over the past few days, I’ve been watching and following a German Twitch streamer, Corlexys, who started playing ESO not too long ago. Watching him play and hearing him interact with his viewers, who are mostly ESO players as well – and some newbies, too – made me really want to play the game!

So, my templar has gained two levels already. I got another character ready to do crafting dailies and I have set my eyes on a house, Hunding’s Palatial Hall. It’s huge and even has a little swimming pool and access to the ocean. Perfect for my argonian!

I am not the person who plays the content in MMO together with other players all the time. In fact, I do most of the stuff solo or in open groups – in MMOs that allow for shared loot etc. without being in a party with the other players. ESO and Guild Wars 2 both do that very well. But I do need some connection. Only running into random other players in the world isn’t enough to keep me engaged. But having a guild that I like and now watching the streamer and again being part of the community in a sense makes me finally really enjoy ESO.

So, for the time being, I’m in WoW Classic, levelling a shaman and a mage when they have rested XP, and in ESO levelling my argonian templar. And maybe my necromancer or warden afterwards. Or my nightblade.