My fellow Blapril-bloggers

Blapril 2020

Blapril is in full swing and there are lots of fellow bloggers posting more than they usually do. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been able to follow them all and read their blog posts. Despite the current Corona situation, I am in Home Office and have full busy work days. However, I have been reading more blog posts lately, so I’m definitely not ignoring you out there! I also want to pay attention to the blogs I’ve never heard of before and most of all, the ones that just joined us and started a new blog!

So, let’s take a look at the current list of signed up participants:

Belghast Tales of the Aggronaut
Bhagpuss Inventory Full
Cali Diary of a Guildleader
Chestnut Gamer Girl Confessions
Discgrace Daily Creative Thing
Easha and Poppy Glittering Girly Gwent Gaming
Elio The Path They Walk
Everwake Everwake’s Internet Adventures
Jen Thorpe Book of Jen
Joar WoW Alt Addiction
Krikket Nerd Girl Thoughts
Mailvaltar Mailvaltar – MMOs and other stuff
Naithin Time to Loot
Paeroka Nerdy Bookahs
Panda Steve Panda Steve Types Stuff
Roger Edwards Contains Moderate Peril
Shadowz Shadowz Abstract Gaming
Stargrace Nomadic Gamers Eh!
Syp Bio Break
Tessa/Endalia Narratess & Princess In A Castle
unwiseowl leaflocker
Wilhelm TAGN
rumorsmatrix rumorsmatrix, a blog
Rambling Redshirt Beyond Tannhauser Gate
Redbeard Parallel Context
SDWeasel Unidentified Signal Source
Kanter MMO One Night a Week
Magen Magen Tales
Kluwes I’m Not Squishy
Telwyn GamingSF
Shintar Going Commando / Priest with a Cause / Neverwinter Thoughts
Solarayo Ace Asunder
Graphiya Graphiya’s Garden
I don’t have (a name for the blog) yet.
Ocho Casual Aggro
TheRoyalFamily Dating Sims On the Holodeck
Izlain Me vs Myself and I
Nogamara Battle Stance
welshtroll Welshtroll
Sandrian Aeternus Gaming
Skylar or missysmojo Swiftcast
BeckyBecky BeckyBecky Blogs
catofsedum Green Not-bananas
Zappicus Leeterati
MMOJuggler MMOJuggler

The ones bolded signed up as newbies. So please, if you’re looking for new blogs to read and follow, pay them a visit! And maybe even leave them a comment, so they know they’ve got active readers. :)


What do you think?

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